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What is the best teen girls film?

angus, thongs and perfect snogging, bring it on, bring it on again, john tucker must die, material girls, just my luck, my super ex girlfriend, mean girls, the parent trap, (MORE)

Where was carry on girls filmed?

Brighton, East Sussex, England, UK (Fircombe) Clarges Hotel, Marine Parade, Brighton, East Sussex, England, UK (exteriors of hotel) Grand Hotel, Kings Road, Brighton, East Sus (MORE)

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What is the Korean film 'My Sassy Girl' about?

The film is cleverly divided into 3 parts Before the film's first part begins, we learn that a young male is standing by a tree saying that his ex-girlfriend and he promised (MORE)
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What 1987 film won nine Academy Awards?

Bernardo Bertolucci's 1987 biopic "The Last Emperor" won all nine Academy Awards for which it was nominated, including Best Picture.
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Where in Connecticut was Gilmore Girls filmed?

Gilmore Girls was not filmed in Connecticut. It was filmed on the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, CA. The fictitious town in which Gilmore Girls is set is Stars Hollow Connect (MORE)