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Why did Jason barr get fired?

Jason was let go on the request of Dean.They had a falling out in their personal life and Dean demanded Jason be fired. Something erupted at SausageFest and the team's vacatio (MORE)

Is there Transportation from Wilkes Barre PA to Easton PA?

Yes. You can catch a Greyhound bus from Wilkes Barre to Easton. A Greyhound bus ticket from Wilkes Barre to Easton will cost approximately $31.24 - $41.50 depending on the f (MORE)
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What does barre mean?

A Barre is literally a bar usually made of wood that runs across a wall in a ballet studio. It is used for ballet classes, where students place their hands or hand on it to he (MORE)
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What is a Barr body?

A Barr body is the inactivated X chromosome that is usually found in the nuclei of female somatic cells. It can also occur in males when there is an abnormality and the male (MORE)

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Where is Pennsylvania?

In the northeastern and Middle Atlantic region of the United  States.   It is one of the United States adjacent to New Jersey, New York,  Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryla (MORE)