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How do you beat planet wisps boss on sonic colors ds?

Okay,so you remember Rotaron(First Boss)? Jump on this Circle  thingies and do a Homing attack on his face.Another useful feature  to do for a quick Bonus is try to jump in (MORE)

What are the names of the wisps on Sonic colors?

The wisps do not have official names, they are often called by their colours or their abilities. White: Boost, Yellow: Drill, Cyan: Laser, Blue: Cube (Only on Wii), Green: Hov (MORE)

What is a horse wisp?

A wisp, common place in European stables in the last century, and taught today as a proper grooming tool by the USPC and professionals is a handmade tool used to slicken the h (MORE)
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Was the glade wisp discontinued?

(From the Glade website "...Glade® Wisp® Candles are no longer available - they were discontinued earlier this year. If you're a huge fan, a few quantities are left in our (MORE)

When does Wisp appear in Animal Crossing?

Wisp appears once a week on a random night at 4:00 A.M. You must wander around town, and eventually you will hear a voice calling to you. Just keep going around until you run (MORE)
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Where is the Wisp Resort located?

The Wisp Resort is located in Garrett County, Maryland in the United States. Wisp is the only ski resort in Maryland and is next to Deep Creek Lake. In 2008 Wisp won a runner (MORE)