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Who was William m pugatsky?

A professional concert violinist, played for the ClevelandOrchestra, was a child prodigy, played in vaudiville for famouspeople, played the music for Warner Bros. silent movie (MORE)

William h grier m d biography?

William H. Grier, M.D. is a psychiatrist, author, and academic who together with co-author Price Cobbs wrote "Black Rage" in 1968, one of the most important sources on life in (MORE)

Is Story called Just Stay about William Gray and Marine True?

It is likely this story is false. There are a number of points in this touching story that don't pass muster. We are not told the name of the soldier and it is possible he and (MORE)

What did William M Tweed do?

William M. Tweed was the Democratic boss that ran New York City. His most famous scandal came when New York City taxes were being raised to build a new court house. He had rai (MORE)

What job did William M Robinson do at Pony Express?

  William Robinson has hired as a Pony Express rider by Bolivar Roberts to ride the 140-mile route between Merced and Mariposa. One of his most famous rides involved carr (MORE)

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