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How do you answer ou es tu ne?

Où es-tu né? means "where were you born?" If you are male, you would answer "Je suis né à (Baltimore). If you are female, you would answer "Je suis née à (Baltimore). (I (MORE)

What does ne zasto mean in Russian?

не за что (pronounced: nje za schto) is used as a reply to someone who says "thank you" to you. It is contextually equal to the english "you are welcome", "no problem", (MORE)

What does ne how ma mean in Chinese?

p it means How are you? the correct pinyin though is "Ni hao ma?"
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What is an NES?

Nintendo Entertainment System, an 8-bit console from Nintendo. It  was the first ever gaming console made by Nintendo in the 80s. Game  classics, such as Super Mario Bros., (MORE)

What is the driving distance between Kearney NE and Lincoln NE?

The driving distance between Lincoln, NE and Kearney, NE is approximately 135 miles. The driving time would be approximately 2 hours 15 minutes if you were to travel non-stop (MORE)

What does shiawase-ne mean in Japanese?

Shiawase is what i think you meant to say. This refers to a feeling of bliss. So when you say shiawase ne you are refering to a happy moment or joyful life.
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