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Kya sunita Williams aur uske sathiyon ne Islam qoobool kiya hai?

Official Conformation has not come yet..... But It is most probablethat She has accepted Islam and the media is hiding theinformation... Alhamdulillah.... Official consfirmat (MORE)
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What is an NES?

Nintendo Entertainment System, an 8-bit console from Nintendo. It  was the first ever gaming console made by Nintendo in the 80s. Game  classics, such as Super Mario Bros., (MORE)

What is Ne?

Ne is the chemical symbol for the inert gas neon.   Its atomic number is 10, its atomic mass is 20.1797 and it is the second of the noble gases, which appear in Group 18 of (MORE)

Why is neon Ne?

The first letter of name Neon is 'N' but this the symbol for nitrogen which was discovered and named before neon so 'Ne' symbol was selected for this gas. It comes from the Gr (MORE)
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What are the NE messages?

Singapore is our homeland; this is where we belong. We treasure our heritage and take pride in shaping our own unique way of life. We must preserve racial and religious harm (MORE)

Is Ne reactive?

Neon is a noble gas, a nonreactive chemical element. Only some unstable compounds are known. .
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