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How do you interview a sim on Sims 3?

You can interview sims if you are in the journalist, or policing  jobs. To interview a sim, you need to get a better relationship  with them. When you are ready, click the s (MORE)

How do sims get engaged on the Sims 2?

To get engaged, the relationship status has to be up to 75 [you have to be in love]. Then a box will come up on the screen asking you if you would like to propose. Click yes. (MORE)

How do you edit sims in Sims 3?

You can only edit things like ear and face size in create a sim mode when your in neighborhood view or edit town, but once you've created your sim, you can edit their hair col (MORE)

What will the zombie do to your Sim on Sims 2?

eat you ---- no, it will be just like a normal sim, only it will have a different skin color, it will smell weird, it won't age (unless it's a teen zombie, which you can do), (MORE)

Can you redress your sim on Sims 3?

Yes you just need to have a dresser then click on it and choose  plan outfit .after that you can redress your sim... .hope it'll  helpfull for u ;) - Kim.evil     (MORE)

How do you feed your sims in Sims 3?

You have to have a refrigerator and counter and a stove (optional). Click on the fridge and pick what you would like to make and it will tell you how much it costs and whethe (MORE)

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What has the author William Sims Curry written?

William Sims Curry has written:   'Contracting for services in state and local government agencies'  -- subject(s): Contracting out, States, County services, Municipal  (MORE)