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What is farming?

Farming is the act of using land (involving soil and plants) to  grow crops (plants including corn, wheat, barley, carrots, lettuce,  etc.) and/or rear animals (farm animals (MORE)

How do you get wind?

we get wind by.....Energy being transformed into electricity when wind moves a turbine and spins a magnet. Now that's how we get energy.
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Do wind farms produce harmful waste products?

  Physically, not at all. Some people believe them to be unslightly, and some also complain about the continual whirring noise they make, but they don't create any actual (MORE)

Why are most wind farms built near the top of the hill?

they are on top of hills because the wind is stronger when it is up high and there is nothing else at that height to get in the way
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How many wind turbines are there in a wind farm?

The amount of wind turbines in a wind farm can vary from one farm to another. They can have as few as five or as many as 150 wind turbines. One of the largest wind farms is Al (MORE)

Are wind farms worth building?

This remains a very heated debate among promoters of green technologies. Advantages: 1. Provides energy which is renewable. 2. Producing electricity doesn't let out carb (MORE)
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How does over-farming an overgrazing make some lands vulnerable to wind erosion?

Well it makes the land vulnerable to wind erosion because it has  been Over-grazed so many times causing the soil to loose nutrients  which in turn loosens it up and Over-Fa (MORE)