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How can you make sure your girlfriend is not cheating if she hangs out with male neighbors one of which used to be a lover of hers but she says they are just friends now?

  Answer   You can't "make sure" of anything, you will just have to trust her. It doesn't sound like a good situation that they hang out together, she is tied to a b (MORE)

Who said God made us neighbors Let justice make us friends and what does it mean?

  FDR said it- he was talking to Latin America about his new Good Neighbor policy, which alleviated the strains and inequalities of Teddy Roosevelt's imperialistic Bad Nei (MORE)

Your friends neighbor installed security cameras directly watching your friends property they have a dispute is this legal?

  Probably not. If the camera is watching an area that is open to public view then there is no expectation of privacy, anyone can watch what you do on the front lawn.   (MORE)
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How do french people celebrate events with friends and neighbors?

  Well, you see french people are very different people from us. So whereas we would celebrate parties with gifts and money and possibly food, they celebrate with fine win (MORE)
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Sajid and zarinah are good neighbor and they have become the best of friend?

Please ask your question again and include more information in it. WikiAnswers is designed to provide a specific answer to a specific question. Tip: Don't use pronouns such a (MORE)

Where do you put the apostrophe in the sentence 'I put my friends ball in my neighbors garage'?

You need 2 apostrophes, one after friends and another one after neighbours. I put my friends' ball in my neighbours' garage. This means you are talking about various friends w (MORE)

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