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What is a book manuscript?

A book manuscript can be any stage of a book. Some authors create an outline and start filling it in. In most cases a 'finished manuscript' would be the completed version of t (MORE)

How do you format a manuscript using Microsoft Word 2007?

  Well, that is probably a long answer...   First, make sure the margins are set to one inch. Word sometimes defaults to 1.25 inches, unless you have provided other def (MORE)

What is reading manuscripts?

A manuscript or handwrit is a recording of information that has been manually created by someone or some people, such as a hand-written letter, as opposed to being printed or (MORE)
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What does manuscript mean?

Manuscript usually refers to the original material, penned by the author him/herself. It is anything written [script] by hand [manu-] as opposed to being printed or otherwise (MORE)

How do you submit manuscripts?

You submit a manuscript in whatever form the publisher requests. Get a copy of Writers' Market if you don't know how your publisher wants the manuscripts. . Some publishers (MORE)
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What is a musical manuscript?

A musical Manuscript is just another way to say sheet music or music score. the Definition of manuscript from the American Heritage dictionary is: A book, document, or othe (MORE)

Why is the word Jew not found in the original manuscript of the Bible?

Answer # 1 Very interesting question. The word Jew, refers to one who was from the tribe of Judah or one who was a resident in Judea (where the tribe of Judah was located). Th (MORE)