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Do you like geminis?

Your main expectations for Geminis would be people-pleasers since most (almost all) Geminis have a charming personality that perhaps 98% of the Zodiac signs would appreciate.
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What is it about Geminis?

Geminis are often confused about life but at the same time living trying to beat all odds. sad and alone at times but they don't show it they try to keep a smile on their face (MORE)

What is an eclipse?

Answer #1: An eclipse is when one celestial body passes between anothercelestial body and the Sun, cutting off some or all of its light. A "solar eclipse" occurs when the M (MORE)

Are Gemini compatible with other Gemini?

LOVE INSIGHT Having a comfortable feeling together is important for a Gemini. This light and breezy star sign doesn't sweet the small stuff, however, likes to be challenged (MORE)

What is the Gemini personality?

Very attractive and energetic. Best friends with Taurus and Cancer. Love match with Picses. Gemini is very flirty, and espicially with PICSES!!! But don't listen to these fake (MORE)

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Can Gemini marry to Gemini?

As astrology is a bogus field and has no actual bearing on peoples character. Yes, a "Gemini" can marry a "Gemini"