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What is the symbol for Gemini?

SYMBOL FOR GEMINI: The symbol of Gemini is usually twins or The Roman numeral for 2. Check it out on
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How do you deal with a Gemini?

  Female Geminis are friendly people who are usually hilarious and fun. They are smart, and most are quite open, but to impress one, you require the skill to be talkative. (MORE)

What is it about Geminis?

Geminis are often confused about life but at the same time living trying to beat all odds. sad and alone at times but they don't show it they try to keep a smile on their face (MORE)

Is a Gemini insecure?

Not usually. They are usually very comfortable with their true personalities. They are usually straightforward, yet unlike other signs that are "straight up" they cannot hold (MORE)

What is geminis enemy?

Geminis are enemies with other Geminis, Taurus and Scorpio. Depends on other person's rising signs.
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What month is Gemini?

The zodiac sign Gemini is from May 20 to June 17.    The Gemini symbol is "the twins." Gemini is an air sign with a  ruling planet of Mercury. Geminis are very mentall (MORE)

Are Geminis pretty?

Yes, female Gemini are very beautiful. Some might not be too pretty, but just charming in personality. Male Gemini are also very good-looking and adaptable, but can sometimes (MORE)

What is the attitude of Gemini?

Positively they can be multi-talented, great conversationalists,  clever, and witty. Negatively they can be they can be moody,  flighty, distracted, and lacking in depth.  (MORE)

Is Gemini romantic?

Gemini as a Sun sign is not particularly known for its romanticism.  Romance to the Mercury influenced person is a meeting of minds and  a sharing of ideas.However when othe (MORE)
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Can Gemini marry to Gemini?

As astrology is a bogus field and has no actual bearing on peoples character. Yes, a "Gemini" can marry a "Gemini"
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