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What is the rarest wrist watch in the world?

Answer \n. My guess is the Patek Philippe Calibre 89, it is often described as the most complicated watch ever created. There is only 1 copy in existence. . That is a pock (MORE)

What is the Biggest Wrist Watch?

There are a lot of large wrist watches to choose from. Often times, the really big ones will be the ones that are waterproof to large depths, shock proof, and will have a lot (MORE)

Advantage of the wrist watch?

from a century watch plays a great role.Wrist Watches are one ofthe most important devices in the daily lives of humanbeings.Wristwatches as a timepiece.with time there are so (MORE)

How does a wrist watch work?

some wrist watches work by kinetic energy ! ther are small weights in the watch which move around when a wrist action is made . where as any other kind a watches is powered by (MORE)
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Is a wrist watch kinetic energy?

No. A wristwatch is a device used to monitor the passage of time, popularly referred to as a "clock" or "timepiece". It has no kinetic energy while it's lying on the dres (MORE)

Which was the world's first wrist watch?

The first wrist watch (then called a wristlet) was made for women by Patek Philippe. It contained a small pocket watch movement and the case was attached to the wrist by a rib (MORE)