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How did Wilson turn World War 1 into an ideological crusade?

  Guidebook Essay 1     World War I was an international ordeal that the peaceable President Wilson dared not enter. However the people of the United States wer (MORE)

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Is Skate 1 or 2 better?

Of course it is opinion but a majority of people say Skate 1 is better. On Skate 1 you can get more board sponsors and the physics of skating are more realistic on Skate 1. Ho (MORE)

What did Woodrow Wilson believe was the obligation of the us to latin America?

Woodrow Wilson's administration signed treaties with thirty Latin American nations to provide a means for quickly addressing conflicts. Attempting to soothe lingering ill-feel (MORE)

Why did wilson enter world war 1?

President Wilson tried for the first few years of the war to keep  out of the war and stay "neutral". In 1917 however Germany began to  attack any commercial ship headed tow (MORE)