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What album is the song believe from brooks and dunn on?

The Album is called Hillbilly Deluxe. It was released in the summer of 2005. Songs from the album: 1. play something country 2. she's about as lonely as I'm going to let her g (MORE)

Why does Wilson believe that it was Gatsby who had an affair with Myrtle in The Great Gatsby?

After finding the expensive dog collar which Tom bought Myrtle, Wilson becomes aware that Myrtle is having an affair. He knows it must be a wealthy man, but does not know who. (MORE)

Who wrote believe on Justin Bieber's album?

"This track I wrote for my fans and is about how they inspired me. Listen to the words… It means a lot. I wrote it on my birthday - it was midnight in the studio and Scooter (MORE)

Does Gerald Way believe in GOD?

i guess so because in the song bullet proof heart there is a part that says "tell the truth and god will save you" and some other parts were he is saying all the pretty girls (MORE)

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