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How do you youse the eon ticket?

You need two Game Boy Advances (Nintendo DS won't work), one e-Reader and a Game Boy Advance Link Cable. Then you put the e-Reader in one of the GBAs and a Pokémon Ruby, Sa ( Full Answer )
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Can i trade Pokemon for a GBA yousing a DS?

No, sorry. That's not possible. But after you beat the Elite 4 and get the National Dex, you can migrate Pokemon from Gameboy games to Diamond or Pearl. Not so sure about Plat ( Full Answer )
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How do you youse wonder mail?

You get the password/code that is given to you, or that you find online. Then you go to the menu of your game and go to the option titled 'Wonder Mail'. You then put in the le ( Full Answer )
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If you youse aluminium ammonium sulfate to a swimming pool what does it do?

Aluminum sulfate is sometimes used as a flocking agent in pools. When broadcast over the surface of a pool , it will coagulate finer particles of debris such as dead algae int ( Full Answer )
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What does youse mean?

It's a Scots dialect term, a plural of "you". In the US it is also used colloquially (as a plural form of you), often for humorous effect. It is seen in stereotypically ungra ( Full Answer )
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In maths do you have to youse simbals?

Yes - you use symbols like + - / * for basic maths, as well as those for square root etc
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Can you youse sticks for hermit crab cage?

Yes, but make sure to boil them or rinse them with hot water and let them cool off before putting them in the crabitat. Even better, try to find some at a craft store, but mak ( Full Answer )
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What are rhinos horn yoused for?

They use them for all different reasons - as auntiments - they put them in remidies - they use them just to prove what they can catch.