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What is the strike zone?

The strike zone is over home plate above your ankles and under your chest, but some umpires are mean and call strikes to low so watch out!!!!      Strike Zone   (MORE)
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What is zone theory?

There are two types of zone theory they are concentric and  subduction. The concentric zone theory states that urban land has  to be classified as concentric zones.
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What is a shore zone?

A shore zone is where the ocean water meets land. There are steep shore zones, which are steep and rocky with little or no beach and there are flat shore zones, which are flat (MORE)

What organs are in what zone?

The abdominopelvic cavity is divided into four quadrants. Using the navel as the central point, a horizontal and vertical line can be drawn to produce the Upper Right Quadrant (MORE)

What is the tropical zone?

The tropical zone is the part of the earths surface between the  Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. It is the region  surrounding the equator..

What is the Goldilocks Zone?

The definition of the "Goldilocks zone" or "Habitable Zone" from Wikipedia [See Link] is "a region of space where stellar conditions are favorable for life as it is found on E (MORE)

What is euro zone?

Euro is the official currency of the European Union. However, some countries inside the EU, decided to keep their traditionnal money (UK sill use the Pound). The Euro zone (MORE)

What is zoning in interior?

Interior zoning is the interior design technique of creating recognizable sub spaces or zones inside of large spaces through variations in sensory input, rather than using str (MORE)
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What is a monocular zone?

The monocular zone is the region of the visual field that is seen only by one eye. The binocular zone is the part of the visual field seen by both eyes. The nose is the obvio (MORE)