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What is zoning?

Zoning refers to the collection of laws and regulations that are applied to various land uses. A zoning ordinance may also be called a "land use regulation" or something simil (MORE)

Which rainforest zone is the highest zone?

Emergent The tallest zone in a rain forest is called the emergent layer. Thetallest trees grow above the canopy forming this zone. Some ofthese trees can tower as much as 200 (MORE)

What is compression zone and tension zone?

In snow avalanches, when friction or other mechanical stops are notenough to hold it in place, and the angle is prime, it is held inplace by tension and compression. The tensi (MORE)
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What is a zoning?

A zoning is a piece of legislative action for the purpose ofregulating the use of property and constructions of buildingswithin the area.