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What is a zoo?

A Zoo:A zoo is a park or institution where a collection of animalslive and are viewed by the public.
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What kind of animal is a zoo zoo?

there are elephants,monkeys,pandas(in some zoos) reptiles,such as snakes and lizards,tigers,lions,girafffes,and all sorts of things if you need more animals just go to a zoo.
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What is zoos for?

Honestly I really couldn't tell you but, I have two theorys. Number one, some people want us to understand the animal kingdom and realize that animals are amazing exotic creat ( Full Answer )
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Are zoo animals frustrated to be in a zoo?

Most don't really mind but some get frustrated. Additional Info: Most modern zoos are making great strides, or making an effort to meet the needs of their animals by supplyi ( Full Answer )
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How do they get there zoo animals to the zoo?

well, I'm no zoo vet but my mother is famous for working at zoos. they get their animals by shipping them in huge crates on trucks. then they put them in corentein for a coupl ( Full Answer )
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How do zoos get wild animals into the zoo?

Very few zoos actually take animals from the wild these days. The majority of zoos will either trade, lend, or give a captively bred (meaning their parents were bred and gave ( Full Answer )
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Is it a zoo or an zoo?

It would be a zoo. If you are writing (or saying) a word that begins with a Vowel, (A,E,I,O,U and sometimes Y) than you would put an AN at the beginning of the word. If the ( Full Answer )
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Can you have a zoo?

Yes, however, you must comply with all laws and regulations. It would take special zoning and a great deal money to own and run a zoo. Permits are required for certain animals ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have to have zoos?

So that kids and adults of all ages can enjoy looking at animals that they don't see everyday and do rescue and preserve these animals from the wild and save them from extinct ( Full Answer )
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Why we have zoos?

because you can see animals that you can"t see in the wildlife alsoyou can,t see them in front of you