Is T. Rowe Price the largest share holder of Sea World?

According to Morningstar, the Blackstone Group, the largest shareholder of SeaWorld Entertainment Inc., owns 33.08% of the outstanding shares. For a list of list of major shareholders, follow this link

What is T. Rowe Prices customer retention?

Bloomberg Business Week ranks T. Rowe Price high for customer retention, in part because the company offers customer-friendly options like no-load mutual funds. T. Rowe Price is also rated superior for portfolio manager retention rate, which translates into satisfied customers.

Is T. Rowe Prices website secure?

Safeguarding your online security and privacy is a high priority at T. Rowe Price. We use strict controls to ensure that your online communications and transactions are as safe and reliable as any business channel.

Are most of the suggested investments safe?

All investments entail some risk, but you can take advantage of strategies and sound investment advice to minimize your risk. For instance, diversified portfolios with blue chip stocks, mutual funds, bonds and CDs are safer than portfolios consisting only of untested individual stocks.