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You just have to pay close attention the the actions of your spouse.

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Your husband can show various signs when he is cheating. He might be mentioning his ex in various matters.

If a spouse wants clues to check them out financially checking credit cards to see if the cheating spouse is staying in motels or hotels; check phone records; bank statements or how much money the cheating spouse is taking out of the bank from a joint account.

You tell him that his girl friend is cheating on him with your ex and tell her that her boyfriend is cheating on her with your bestfriend. That will absolutely work out.

Why playing pranks before you have the evidence of your spouse cheating on you , Stop now and contact a legit private investigator; Computergeek351 At gmail for help

You cannot tell absolutely except by catching them together.

No it is not cheating as long as you were not talking to your ex as if you two were going out. Also you need to tell your boyfriend that you were talking to your ex because how can he rust you if you tell him lies and if he cant trust you that will lead into a breakup

Probably not, you should let the cheating spouse know that you know he's cheating though! If you want answers, you can contact the mistress to get the truth... although she may just direct you back to your spouse and tell you to talk to him (to avoid confrontation).

Adultery is the act of cheating on your spouse. Adultery is the act of cheating on your spouse.

if they are really silent when there by or talks to him alot or flirts with them

cheating ANSWER: what about Adultery and Adulteress

Spouse who cheat will never tell everything they did with their mistress, specially if this married man has to go back to his wife. He will tell some but not the one that you wanted to know. He might add or take something of to that story he told you so you will not bug him anymore.

Cheating your spouse is not a good thing. It could land you into loneliness and other miserable feelings.

Dont. Its none of your business. Its their relationship. You will just be hated for it if you say anything.

You would have to try to win his trust back and tell him you are sincerely sorry...and mean it!

Your spouse teasing you or not talking is common. They are feeling left out as you are cheating on someone else.

get one or two of your friends to look out for him to make sure he dosent cheat but he is not suppose to know This person did not say their spouse was a man!

An ex-wife ceases to be a spouse the moment they become an ex-, so no.

If it is an ongoing thing, yes. Tell your spouse how much it hurts you , and if they continue , shove off.

ANSWER: In my own opinion it depends on how deep the spouse is with the other person. But I do know most of men who do the cheating will try not to tell the truth so it will not put them in a deep trouble with his wife and children. And this include the man that I trusted and now divorce him.

Yes, a cheating spouse can affect one's couth. It hurts to be cheated on so the victim of the cheater could have too much to drink and say things to their spouse in front of others or go after the person that is cheating with their spouse and make a complete fool of themselves. Often the victim of cheating will go after the wrong person .. the other guy or the mistress. It is the spouse that should be made responsible for cheating as they have control over their own life and can form the word 'no' or simply not cheat. There are no excuses for cheating.

Just because this person is a narcissist doesn't make then much different than anyone else cheating with your spouse and you should be more concerned about your spouse cheating. By all means sit down with the narcissists spouse and tell the whole story, but be sure you have absolute proof before doing so. Don't be surprised if the narcissist's spouse becomes angry and is denial, but, in time the spouse will become to believe it.

you shouldn't have to understand.. cheating is not acceptable in any relationship

The only way you can tell if your spouse is been cheating on you is if he always comes home very late at night. Or he have this special meeting from work that he needs to attend. He or she might get a call unexpected. there are lots of ways that you, yourself can tell if your spouse is having an affair. just be careful and make sure if you are getting some evidence, it will back up the story..

It is difficult to tell someone how to prevent a spouse from cheating on them. The best thing to do is to be loving, kind and respectful so that one's relationship remains strong.