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-NH2 functional group?

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What is the functional group ch3ch2ch2-Nh2?

The functional group is the NH2. It is an amino functional group.

What is the NH2 functional group?

It is the amino functional group amine

What is the formula for the functional group in an amine?

The functional group in an amine is NH2.

What is the -NH2 functional group?

This group is amine.

Which is the formula for the functional group in an amine?


What is NH2 compound?

An Amine functional group

Which functional group is within the compound shown below R-NH2?

This is the group amine.

Which functional group is present in amine compounds?

NH2 Group

What is the NH functional group?

An NH2 group would be referred to as an amino group.

What are the two functional groups of amino acid?

The functional groups of an amino acid are the amino group (-NH2) and the carboxyl group (-COOH).

Amino acids contain what functional group?

Amino acids contain two functional groups: Amino group: NH2 Carboxyl group: COOH

Why does acetylation not occur at both functional groups in 4-aminophenol?

The NH2 group is a better leaving group than the OH group. Therefore the acetylation occurs on the NH2 group.

What functional group consists of a nitrogen atom covalently attached to two hydrogen atoms?

The corresponding functional group is amine, and is shown is by -NH2.

What is the name of functional group found in amino acids?

Amino acids have 2 functional groups: the amine group (-NH2) and the carboxylic acid group (-COOH).

What basic functional group can accept H plus and become positively charged?


What is the functional group of nucleic acid?

Hydroxyl-OH Amino-NH2 Phosphate-PO4

What is the acid part of an amino acid?

The acid part of an amino acid is the functional group "carboxylic acid" (COOH).The amine group (-NH2) is acidic...... idk what that is but the answer is Carboxl functional group

Identify the functional group in the compound CH3-CH2-NH2 is a?

The NH2 functional group of this organic compound, is called an Amine. this is a basic sidebranch, which when in solution will give an overall basic (alkalinic as some know it) presence. This could be identified, on this particular compound (Ethanamine/ethylamine/aminoethane) by addition of an acid, which will trigger an acid base reaction by which the NH2 group can be identified.

What are the functional groups in dopamine?

The condensed formula for dopamine is C6H3(OH)2- CH2-CH2-NH2 The functional groups of Dopamine is 1) There are 2 alcohol groups (Alcohol group is -OH) 2) An Aromatic group (because its a cyclo) 3) an amine group coming CH2-NH2.

What functional groups are in proteins?

There are two important functional groups in proteins. Amino group -NH2 and carboxylic acid group -COOH. Irrespective of amino acid side chain (R) functional group Prent in all amino acids.

What functional group found in amino acids is absent from monosaccharides polysaccharides fatty acids and glycerol?


How are all amino acids similar?

all amino acids have an acid functional group, -COOH, and a basic amino group, -NH2

Do molecules have just one functional group or can they have more than one?

Molecules are able to have multiple functional groups. For example, an amino acid contains both the amino group -NH2 and carboxyl group -COOH.

The functional group that can cause an organic molecule to act as a base is?

The amino group (d.-Nh2) P.S. i have the same packet for AP Bio

What is in urea?

Urea is a compound of chemicals that is found in urine. Urea is composed of NH2 groups and a carbonyl functional group.