0-60 in BMW m6?

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The 2006 BMW M6 can go 0-60 in 4.1s according to 0-60cartimes.com
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Which is the best BMW m6 or clk 63?

the best is determined by the way you want to drive it. in my experience owning both i feel the m6 drives and feels better, its a bit more fun too.. although, the clk 63 is a more respected car and has a sense of satisfaction coming with it.. i personally love the m6 and still own one.. like i s (MORE)

How fast does the BMW M6 go?

The M3, M5 and M6 are all limited to 155MPH. However, if the limiter is removed, the top speed exceeds 200MPH.

How much is BMW M6?

They are currently around 111,000 dollars. This is one of the topof the line models that BMW makes. It is popular but rare on theroad.

Which is faster a BMW M6 or a VW Jetta?

Ahh yes the BMW M6 will win this one mate! \n**These are all current model year '08-'09**\n. \nThe BMW M6 has a hand built BMW Motorsport 5.0 Liter V10 engine developing some 500-507 BHP - top speed is limited to 155 MPH or ~ 250KMH. without the limiter though it will near 200 MPH.\n. \nWhile sti (MORE)

Is a BMW m5 faster then a BMW m6?

No, the two have the same engine but the M6 weights about 500kg lighter. But that only matters in a straight line. In a corner, the M5 is simply too long to have a good turning feel.

What is faster the BMW m5 or m6?

Bmw m5 0-62 is 4.8sec. M6 is 4.6sec m6 lighter do to carbon fiber roof. Lower gravity harder to flip it. Better handling. Shorter wheel base. So yes m6 is better.

Are BMW M6 prices going up or down?

from what i understand, the prices are going down. the last that i have heard about the car, they had gone down actually quite a bit recently.it may also depend on where you buy one too, promotions or deals they may have at the lot.

Why are BMW m6 prices higher than older BMW models?

Newer BMW's prices will always be higher than older models because of the use, and wear/tear on older models. Specifically comparing to an older BMW, the newer model of the M6 has a twin turbo 4.4l V8 engine, 21 inch wheels, and the roof is either a carbon fibre roof or a glass roof, as older models (MORE)

Where can one find a BMW m6 for sale in Dallas?

One can find a BMW m6 for sale in Dallas by going to their local car dealer and searching for a used one there. They could also use a variety of websites that would make it much easier for them to search through used cars of the style they are looking for.

Where could someone look to purchase a used BMW M6?

A person could look in the classifieds of the local newspaper under the Used Cars section to find a used BMW M6 for sale. Another place to look for vehicles would be websites like Kijiji or AutoTrader.