0-60 in a 97 crown Victoria police intercepter?

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What is the second connection on a 97 Crown Victoria PCV valve for?


Where can you download a wiring diagram for a Crown Victoria 2000 Police Imterceptor?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nMy husband just bought a fuse for our car Crown Victoria 2000 Police Imtercepter since clock and auto park light were not work. the part number is F2UZ14526N for circuit. one problem that we lost guide manuel book. ai need to know where it will be locate it is so ( Full Answer )

Why are Ford Crown Victorias widely used as police cars?

The main reason, in addition to being big, powerful, and fast; is that the Crown Victoria is the last car built with a full frame construction. The body is attached to a frame, and not a unibody as most of today's cars are, where the body is integrated into a single unit with the chassis. This makes ( Full Answer )

97 crown Victoria with a 4.6L police interceptor engine and it ran hot on me and I found out the problem was a cracked intake manifold wont start now no antifreeze mixed with oil what is my problem?

Blown Head gasket. The 4.6L Ford V8 I believe has aluminum heads, in this case when the motor runs hot it will warp the head's mating surface to the block and cause the headgasket to leak water. This requires the head to be machined to ensure a proper fit. This will be a major repair.

2002 Crown Victoria Police cars ac is weak on the max setting?

If it sounds like it's blowing full speed but with no or little output check for a blockage in the intake of the blower motor. The motor is under the passenger side of the dash behind the glove box. Sometimes papers and other such items will get sucked in diminishing performance.

Rear axle ratio ford crown Victoria police?

\n\n"There are two options that were installed. One and most likely yours, a 3.27 non locking diff (not posi) and the other was a 3.55 with locking diff (posi). Easy way to tell. Punch it if one tire spins it the 3.27 and if both spin it's the 3.55."\n\n\n\nThat's not really true. The 3.27 was ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if an 1997 Crown Victoria has an police packaged engine?

Check your VIN. If it is an Interceptor, the VIN will have P71 in it. . No difference mechanically (supposedly) between the Interceptor and the civilian other than computer programming. Examples are higher idle speed and drastically modified shift points. I know if you open this thing up, it shifts ( Full Answer )

Why does your 97 crown Victoria use up so much oil?

Could be valve seal's, but you say lots of oil. Most likely the rings are finished, or both. Means an engine job. You most likely see a little blue smoke out the exhaust. Check to make sure all the gaskets are good, and not leaking oil. If its the valve seals, you will see just a puff of blue out th ( Full Answer )

Top speed for a crown Victoria police interceptor?

Top speed for a Crown Victoria police interceptor is 140MPH. This is not because it is all that the car is capable of, it's because it's governed by the vehicles computer and will stop accelerating once it hits the top speed listed on the speedometer of 140MPH. I sell police vehicles for a living. T ( Full Answer )

Does a 97 Crown Victoria fender fit a 93 Crown Victoria?

Yes, Fenders on the crown Victoria are interchangeable between the years of 1992 to 2011, they are EXACTLY the same. Grand marquis fenders are the same as well and are completely interchangeable with the crown Victoria within the same year range.

97 crown Victoria tail light don't work?

i am not sure you mean brake lights or tail lights.If brake lights don't work.You have to check out a brake light switch,(it conects to your brake pedal) make sure both wires are conected to the switch.And if tail lights don't work, you have to replace a head light switch.(where you turn your head l ( Full Answer )

What are the exact differences in police interceptors and crown victorias?

Seats, Computer programing for the engine and transmission, wheel covers, suspension, power steering fluid cooler, power break fluid cooler, engine oil cooler, Air cleaner box and zip tube, bigger breaks, heavy duty front end components. pre-wired for computer, radios, and other emergency equipment. ( Full Answer )

Where do the heater hoses go on 97 crown Victoria?

the heater hoses usually lead away from the thermostat and go into the fire wall. On the other side of the firewall is the heater core. the top hose on the radiator goes into the thermostat most of the time

How do you purge air out of cooling system 97 ford crown Victoria?

Top off the radiator and drive the vehicle. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge. if the unit exceeds the normal operating temperature. Turn off vehicle and allow to cool. Continue to drive vehicle once cooled. The system will purge any air through circulation. Top off after sufficient usage has occ ( Full Answer )

How do you get crown Victoria police interceptor back door open?

Mine has the child safety latch that allows to change the back doorto be opened from the inside. Its in the edge of the door that runsagainst the body when closed. Im not sure if they all are like thatbut the ones not used as patrol cars should be like that. Also mineis a 99 don't know if that makes ( Full Answer )

How do you change brakes on a crown Victoria police intercepter?

Go on youtube.com and watch a few tutorials. There are so many different brake systems, someone could accidentally misinform you and be dangerous! Search how to replace disc brake pads on the youtube website. There will be very valuable info on there you'll need to know. Brakes are easy to chang ( Full Answer )

97 Crown Victoria no fuel pumping?

The fuel pump is not building pressure to push the fuel to the engine so i would suggest getting your fuel pump checked and or get a new fuel pump.

What kind of oil used in 97 crown Victoria?

According to the 1997 Ford Crown Victoria Owner Guide ( 5W-30 ) * with engine oil filter change , 4.7 litres / 5.0 U.S. quarts of 5W-30 engine oil

Why are there no more Crown Victorias Police Interceptors made?

While strong and reliable, the Crown Victoria's design dates all the way back to 1992 (the platform itself dates back to 1979) and was in serious need of updating. As such, Ford decided to phase out the Crown Vics altogether and replace them with a Police Interceptor version of the Taurus.

What kind of cars will police agencys use as a replacement for the Crown Victoria?

Ford is specifically replacing the Crown Victorias with Police Interceptor versions of the Taurus. Additional: Chrysler is also strongly pushing their Dodge brand as a replacement. (personal opinion: the roofline is too low). Strangely enough although I strongly suspect that GM must be in the com ( Full Answer )