0-60 time for Mazda rx7?

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12 seconds-1.8. Depends on if it is running on one rotor or a drag car. Be more specific please.
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What is the 0-60 mph time on a 1989 Mazda MX6?

3.6 seconds is the 0-60 time duration. The Turbo twin cam 2.2 intercooled would do 0 to 60 in 7.1 according to most test,and with a really good pro driver could do it in 6.8 . With a bigger intercooler and turning the boost up another 6 pounds (or chip the computer) they have the possibility of g ( Full Answer )

How do you de-flood a 1988 Mazda RX7?

Deflooding There are a few tried and true ways to do it. The first and most popular is to pull the EGI fuse in the enginebay fuse box and crank the engine for a few seconds. Then, replace the EGI fuse and try to fire the car up again. The second method involves disconnecting the fuel pump and turni ( Full Answer )

Where does a bov go on a 1987 Mazda rx7?

The BOV for a 1987 Mazda RX 7 Turbo II is located on the top mount inter cooler pipe from the turbo to the air intake pipe right after the air box, just above a vacuum source. By simply disconnecting the BOV from the intake tube befor the turbo but after the intake box, you get the air pressure rele ( Full Answer )

Mazda rx7 interior fuse box?

Answer . There are several fuse boxes on the car, three in the engine bay which are pretty obvious, main fuse box for peripheral electonics (stereo, lights etc) is on the passenger side (for both left and right hand drive cars) and is behind the kick panel, just take out the two plastic plugs an ( Full Answer )

1986 Mazda rx7 is burning rich?

Answer they are supposed to be very rich by design, they should burn 14 parts of fuel for every one part of Air, get an air/fuel ratio meter and it should read 14:1.any higher than that and you've got problems, leaky injector, incorrect tunning, electrical sensor fault, could be a number of reasons ( Full Answer )

1986 Mazda rx7 instruction manual?

Answer . go to rx7city.com - just search it in googla and to to the tech connect section and there will be a manual you can download.

How does Mazda rx7 misfire?

the way a rx7 engine misfire can be cause by having bad spark plugs or either wires. The timing is incorrect and needs to be adjust. it can be adjusted by using a timing light. another factor that can cause misfire is having your throttle position sensor(TPS) out of wack. it is located right on to ( Full Answer )

How do you unflood a 1994 Mazda rx7?

In order to unlood the RX7 u need to remove the EGI fuse in the fuse holder on the left hand side of the engine bay. then unplug the distributor loom. remove spark plugs. Keep the plug leads away from plug hole (fire risk). crank engine from 15 seconds let stand for 1 min and repeat 2-3 times. repla ( Full Answer )

How can you get more power from a Mazda rx7?

1. If your Mazda rx7 is no turbo and u don't want to spent alote of money cut the cats off and put a straight pipe in there. you will get less restriction and way less back pressure and better RPMs. ( warrning your check engine light may come on, no big worrys your just getting mor power then ur ECU ( Full Answer )

Where is the fuel filter on a Mazda rx7?

Esta en la parte inferior, levantas el carro y te metes por debajo, esta agarrado en la parte de abajo, es un poco difil de quitar, solo necesitas una llave 3/8 y listo.

How do you get the sugar out of my 85 Mazda rx7?

Sugar will not turn to sluge or 'cement' in your gas tank. It will however block your fuel injectors and fuel filter. Replace the fuel injectors or clean them and replace your fuel filter. You may have to replace your fuel filter a few times. If you can, take your gas tank out and wash it with water ( Full Answer )

0-60 time for a 1995 Mazda MX-6?

its about 7.2 seconds with the stock KL-DE engine (north American engine) which has about 164 horse ath the crank and about 148 horse at the wheelwhereas the Japanese KL-ZE takes you to 60 in about 6.2 seconds, shaving the full second off due to its 200 horse at the crank and about 180 horse at the ( Full Answer )

What hp is a Mazda Rx7?

1st gens are around 120hp 2nd gens : 140 non turbo/ 220 turbo 3rd gens : 240 base/ 260 R1 edition

Where is the ECU located in a Mazda RX7?

For the 87, and probably most, it is located under the passenger side floor carpet. Take off the plastic runner that holds the carpet on the bottom of the door jam, take off the side kick panel, lift up the carpet. You should see a shield that covers the ECU, it is held in place by 4 10mm bolts. Tak ( Full Answer )

Why a Mazda rx7 want crank?

As an Rx7 owner of several of these cars, if your question is why the motor won't crank over at all, usually its a dead battery, bad cables, worn out ignition switch in the steering column. If your question is why it wont start, check fuel pump pressure. These cars eat up the intank fuel pumps, so t ( Full Answer )

Who is is the timing on a Mazda rx7 rotary motor?

Number one chamber is the one closest to the distributor or crank angle sensor, number two is closest to the firewall. T is top and trailing, L is lower and leading. On the distributor cap the holes are marked L1-L2 etc..

How do you deflood a 1993 Mazda rx7?

You can either take out a spark plug on each rotor and spin it over or you can pull your fuel injection fuse and spin it over.

What is an apex seal on a Mazda rx7?

it is essentially the same thing as a piston ring in a piston engine. there is one at each tip of each rotor, and they sit ontop of a spring that keeps them pushed against the rotor housing to seal each combustion chamber off.

Where is the fuel filter on a 1982 Mazda RX7?

im not sure exactly since i bought my Mazda with a marine filter installed under the hood but my guess is follow the fuel lins back to the gas tank and you will eventually find it most cars usually have it on the driverside under the car near the front or close to the fuel tank

Which gas is recommende for 1984 Mazda rx7?

Octane requirements for non-turbo (naturally aspirated or NA) cars are very low. 87 octane should be used if available. Always use the lowest octane fuel you can find. Higher octanes will result in a noticeable power loss, excessive carbon build up, and poorer mileage.

How many seats does a Mazda rx7 have?

Two seats here in the US. European and Japanese Second Generation RX-7's had a rear bench in place of storage bins for a total of four occupancies. These back seats could only fit legless midgets though :-\

Why is your 1986 Mazda Rx7 overheating?

most common cause of overheating is improper oiling. Check to make sure you have enough oil, and run a 1/2 cup of Marvel Mystery Oil in your gas and see if the heating comes down at all This is assuming that you already looked at the radiator hoses, waterpump, and thermostat.

How do you disable alarm from Mazda rx7?

You can use your key in the door to unlock the car which usually disables the alarm. If you want to disconnect the factory arm, you would have to access the drivers kick panel and located the dk.green/black wire and disconnect it.

What is the rarest Mazda rx7?

There is two types of Rx-7s that are very rare. One of them is a FC Rx-7 (1986-1991) called Infini version. Only 600 of these were made each year, 1988, 1989, and 1991. So only 1800 of these exists around the world. Second is a FD Rx-7 (1992-2002) called Spirit R version.

Wiring order on a Mazda RX7?

Number one chamber is the one closest to the distributor or crank angle sensor, number two is closest to the firewall. T is top and trailing, L is lower and leading. On the distributor cap the holes are marked L1-L2 etc..

Where is the fuel pump on a 1988 Mazda RX7?

The fuel pump is inside of the gas tank. It can be accessed by removing the carpet from the hatch area (hardtop) or the trunk (convertible). The fuel pump will be covered by an oval cover, secured by 10mm bolts.

Ignition timing on a Mazda rx7?

Number one chamber is the one closest to the distributor or crank angle sensor, number two is closest to the firewall. T is top and trailing, L is lower and leading. On the distributor cap the holes are marked L1-L2 etc..

Where is the muffler on a 1985 Mazda rx7?

its the big can that's closest to the end of the exhaust pipe. the one about halfway through is the catalytic converter, and the things in front of that are preconverters

Is a Mazda rx7 a fast car?

depends if its a turbo or not. they are decent but they dont have the torque that slams you back into the seat when you hit the gas. they just rev up to like 8000 so there is alot of room to spin every gear up very high

How do you remove the starter on 1994 Mazda RX7?

here are the steps to remove your starter . Disarm radio coded theft protection as outlined in Technician Safety Information . . Disconnect battery ground cable. . Raise and support vehicle. . Disconnect starter motor electrical connectors. . Remove starter motor bolts and starter motor fr ( Full Answer )

How do you tow a Mazda rx7?

For best results you might want to rent or call a Flatbed truck.....the low clearance of the rx-7 makes it a bit unfriendly with regular towing methods..

Fuel problems in a 1986 Mazda rx7?

first do a fuel pressure test also check fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator , injectors primary and secondary.look for external leaks specially the notorious fuel line under the intake manifold. and also if u have a good quality fuel.

How do you bridgeport a Mazda rx7?

Don't try it yourself. Go to a professional rotary shop and it will cost you extra to port the engine to a bridgeport. It requires a full engine teardown and will cost you $3000 in part and labour approx.

Where is the tps on a 88 Mazda rx7?

It is on the upper part of the intake manifold. If you look at the motor from the front you will most likely see a rod connected to the other side of where the throddle cable hooks up. There will be a black square looking thing. That is the tps. If you have anymore questions or you wanna just call m ( Full Answer )

Who drove the first Mazda rx7 in Canada?

The president of Mazda Motors of Canada drove my 1979 RX-7 LE, SN SA22C542690 number 1 of 150 Special Canadian Limited Edition's. Has a commemorative plaque located on the center console. Original owner's name Mazda Motors of Canada, date of delivery to Mazda Motors was April 25, 1979. Date of trans ( Full Answer )

Why is your 88 Mazda rx7 not starting?

Check the fusible engine link for the engine. If the fusible link is blown (check by swapping with headlight motor fusible link- if headlight motor works, fuse is good). 1. Check gas. If old, drain it. Then add fresh gas to tank. 2. Check fuse to fuel pump. 3. May be bad coil. Take out each ( Full Answer )

Where are fuel injecters Mazda rx7?

depending on the year on the FC 86-91 primary fuel rail in right below the throttle body and secondary fuel rail is below the LIM.

What is the starting price of an rx7 Mazda?

The Mazda RX-7 was in production from 1978-2002 and went through tree generations. Giving an estimate of a starting price, would differ a lot between the generations. RX-7's produced in the 80's cost anywhere from $2000 to $11,000. Cars from the 90's are usually a little pricier, but range from as l ( Full Answer )

How expensive is a Mazda RX7 turbo engine?

The cost of a Mazda RX7 turbo engine will vary depending on the country one is purchasing it from. In the United States they cost around $1500 new or cheaper used.