0015168809968870 which country phone no?

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There is no country with the phone number 0015168809968870. Kindly call your operator to confirm.
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Which country has the phone number 01190?

011 is not part of the country code, it is the international access prefix for outbound international calls from North America (USA, Canada, etc.). Country code +90 is Turkey.

What country has a phone code 88050?

Country code +880 is Bangladesh . A number beginning with +880 50 is in a rural area near Bogra, including Dhunat, Shariakandi, Sibgonj, Dhupchachia, and Sherpur. (The plu

What country is this phone number 529515?

Country code +52 is Mexico, and a number beginning with +52 951 is in or near Oaxaca. Note that to call a mobile number in Oaxaca, you must dial +52 1 951. (The p

How do you change your Phone country?

in order to allow your phone to work in other countries you wil have to unlock it from your current carrier i unlocked mine at unlock att .com and now it works in egypt !

What country is this phone number 01143?

Most likely, that's a number in Austria (country code +43) shown as dialed from North America (USA, Canada, etc.) with the international access prefix 011.

Where is Country Phone code 8802?

country codes are only 3 digits long. 880 is Bangladesh and they do have numbers that are starting with 2 after the area code
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What country has phone code 630?

Telephone country code +63 is the Philippines, but there are no numbers that begin with +63 0. You must drop the trunk prefix 0 from the Philippines domestic number in interna
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What country is phone number 62451297?

Country code +62 is Indonesia, but you don't have enough digits for a valid number. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSM mobile
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What country is phone number 958896xx from?

It is impossible to answer your question. There are many differentcountries that have 8-digit national numbers. Telephone country code +95 is Burma (Myanmar), but +95 8896 do