0017 is which conutry isd code?

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0017 is not a country code.
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How do you make an ISD call from Japan?

Using a GSM/UMTS phone, dial "+" followed by the country code, national destination code, and phone number of the place you want to call.

Where in Greece is the 2008 ISDE?

Answer . According to Enduro News it will be in Serres, Greece.. 1/6th Sept - ISDE - Serres, Greece ISDE FIM http://www.enduronews.com/events.htm. Hope This Helps.

What isd Bunsen burner?

A Bunsen burner is a laboratory equipment that produces a single open gas flame, which is used for heating, sterilization, and combustion.

In which conutry is the Statue of Liberty?

the statue of liberty is in the united states of america, to be more accuret.. in new york so the ships that come in from diffrent countries with people coming to live in this land will see it as a symbol of freedom

What happens at Mason ISD?

Hmmmmmm what happens at mason isd nothing but real boring stuff me madelyn and staci are like buds so like stay away from us or else u will be considered a retard not that we are just that u already were! so stay a way!. GO PUNCHERS. madelyn and staci i saw what yall said i typed in what does stac ( Full Answer )

Where will the isde be in 2011?

As I am informed...The FIM (Enduro Commission) has granted the 2011 ISDE to Finland. Thanks, Alan Drane

Why ISD code of India is 91?

Telephone country codes are grouped geographically. Codes beginning with +9 are in southern and western Asia. India is a large country, so it gets a 2-digit code.

What is the ISD code from India to US?

The telephone country code for the United States (as well as Canadaand 18 miscellaneous islands in or near the Caribbean) is +1. As dialed from India, that is +1 on a mobile or 00 1 on a landlineor fax. You then need the area code (always 3 digits) and subscriber number(always 7 digits). For examp ( Full Answer )

What conutry does coconuts come from?

You have spelt country wrong.. Coconuts don't just come from one country, they come from lots of countries. In Britain, where I live we have 100% no coconuts, because coconuts grow in hot, tropical climates like the Caribbean. Britain doesn't have that climate at all.. Coconuts can grow in Austral ( Full Answer )

What is a full form of isd?

PCO - Public Call Office STD - subscriber trunk dialing ISD - International Subscriber Dialing

What country code is 0017?

Country code +1 is North America (USA, Canada, etc.), but you need the next three digits (i.e., 7XX) to be specific.

Why does Katy ISD block websites?

Katy ISD blocks websites to keep students from accessingpotentially harmful content on the Internet. These websites mayhowever still be opened using a proxy.

What conutry did Christopher Columbus explore?

He landed on an island called Hispaniola and thought he had landed in India. He never found the mainland of North America. He also explored Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba. He explored the Caribbean Sea.

What is the ISD code or what should be added before the 10 digit mobile number from Andhra Pradesh India?

Within India, prefix the 10-digit mobile number with the trunkprefix 0. In international format, prefix the 10-digit mobilenumber with India's telephone country code +91. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSMmobile phone, you can enter the number in full ( Full Answer )

What is the isd code of England?

The international dialling code for the UK is +44. You need to drop the leading zero from a UK number when dialling from abroad, so a London number of 020 111 2222 would be +44 20 111 2222.

What conutry is carlow near?

The town of Carlow, is in the county of Carlow, which is in Ireland. The bordering counties are Kilkenny, Laois, Kildare, Wicklow and Wexford.

What is prima j's conutry?

Prima J son de Mexico y son mexicanas (cholas) Now in english: Prima J are from Mexico and they are mexcans (cholas)

What is the ISD code to India from Brazil?

The telephone country code for India is +91. You must also drop thetrunk prefix 0 from the beginning of the Indian telephone number.For example, Mumbai's area code 022 becomes +91 22. From Brazil, dial +91 (including the plus symbol) on a mobilephone. From a landline phone or a fax machine, you mus ( Full Answer )

Is 00 the ISD code for mobile phone?

No, 00 is not an ISD code, full stop. It is a commonly used international access prefix, dialed before a telephone country code. For example, +591 is the country code for Bolivia, so, from many parts of the world, you would dial 00 591 to call Bolivia. Also, with the exception of special codes for ( Full Answer )

What is mening of STD ISD?

Given this question is in the Technology section, I'm going to assume it's technology based... They are telecommunication based abbreviations which stand for... STD: Subscriber Trunk Dialling. ISD: International Subscriber Dialling.

What is the ISD Dialing Code from India to newjersy?

The telephone country code for the United States is +1, followed by a 3-digit area code and 7-digit number. New Jersey has several different area codes, including several overlay areas (geographic zones served by more than one area code). From India, dial 00 1 plus the area code and number. (The ( Full Answer )

What isd a factor?

Factors are numbers that divide evenly into other numbers, leaving no remainder. 3 is a factor of 9.

What does ISD code stand for?

"ISD" stands for International Subscriber Dialing . An ISD code is a country code, or a country code and city code, often quoted with the local international access prefix. For example, the country code and city code for London, England, UK, is +44 20, so in many countries people will quote the ISD ( Full Answer )

What conutry did the Holocaust begin?

Probably Lithuania, or Poland in conjunction with the invasion of the Soviet Union, but it really depends upon how ridgid your definition of the Holocaust is.

Why India has 91 has isd code?

International telephone country codes are grouped by region. +1 = North America (USA, Canada, etc.) +2 = Africa +3/+4 = Europe +5 = other Americas +6 = Australia/Pacific +7 = Russia and Kazakhstan (was USSR) +8 = east Asia +9 = other Asia Thus, India is in the +9 zone, and was assigned +91.

What are your neighbor conutries and their capital?

Well, I live India & its capital is New Delhi. My neighbouring countries are SRI LANKA, PAKISTAN, BANGLADESH, CHINA, NEPAL & BHUTAN. Capital of Sri Lanka is COLOMBO. capital of Pakistan is ISLAMABAD. capital of Bangladesh is DHAKA. capital of china is BEIJING. capital of Nepal is KATHMANDU & capital ( Full Answer )

What is the isd code of Mozambique?

The telephone country code for Mozambique is +258. The plus sign means "insert your local international dialing prefix here."

Which conutry is the strongest and happiest conutry?

it is The United states, Everyone knows that. if you don,t know go online there was very bad guys trying to bomb the new york tallest building in United states. they are jealous America is better, so they bomb it and see who,s the best! but America is still the best.

What is isd code headoffice of royal bank of Scotland international plc?

Deceo saber si el Sr, Nelson Smith,es el encargado de lasTransferencias al extyerioir del Royal Bank Of Scotland PCLLondres,su respuesta por favor. If you received an e-mail telling you to contact someone at theRoyal Bank of Scotland regarding some millions of (dollars, pounds,euros, etc.) that you ( Full Answer )

Where is telephone country code 0017?

Telephone country codes never begin with zero. Telephone country code +1, dialed as 00 1 from many places, isNorth America (USA, Canada, etc.), and 7 is the first digit of athree-digit area code. You need the next two digits to narrow downthe location any farther. Telephone country code +7, dialed ( Full Answer )

Which conutries being with the letter m?

· Macau · Macedonia · Madagascar · Malawi · Malaysia · Maldives · Mali · Malta · Marshall Islands · Mauritania · Mauritius · Mexico · Micronesia · Moldova · Monaco · Mongolia · Montenegro · Morocco · Moza ( Full Answer )

What state is Conroe ISD located in?

Conroe ISD is located in the state of Texas. ISD stands for Independent School District. It has nearly 50,000 over 55 campuses including high schools and academies.

Where is the Humble ISD located?

The Humble Independent School District is located in Humble, Texas. Its address is 20200 Eastway Village Drive, Humble, TX 77338. The Humble ISD can be reached by phone at 281.641.1000.

What exactly is meant by the Houston ISD?

Houston ISD is the Houston Independent School District. It is the largest Texan school district and the seventh-largest such district in the US. 276 schools comprise the Houston ISD, consisting of 160 elementary schools, 40 middle schools, 43 high schools, and 33 others.

What services does Frisco ISD provide?

Frisco Independent School District (ISD) is a public school district based in Texas. The district covers a number of cities within the area of Frisco, Texas. The district has 6 high schools, 13 middle schools, 33 elementary schools and 4 special program centers.

What s the ISD code for mobile in kannur?

Mobile phone numbers in India are grouped into 22 zones, distinctfrom the telephone area code (or STD Code) zones used for landlinenumbers. Each zone then has several dozen to several hundredfour-digit prefixes (not including the trunk prefix 0), which arenot grouped in any orderly way. Aside from ( Full Answer )

Where is the Garland ISD located?

Garland Independent School District is located in the northeast segment of Dallas County and serves small areas of Dallas and Richardson and cities of Garland, Rowlett and Sachse. It's headquarters are located in Garland, TX.

What does ISD stand for in Austin?

When one uses the term ISD when referring to Austin, Texas it refers to the Independent School District. The term is often used in real estate listings for the Lake Travis area of Austin.

Where is the Klein ISD located?

The Klein Independent School Disctrit Human Resources can belocated at the following address: 7200 Spring-Cypress Road, Klein, TX 77379-3299. One may reach them via the number: (832) 249-4218.

What grades does Conroe ISD teach?

Conroe Independent School District teaches all grades that are included in Primary and Secondary levels. They split their schools into high school and junior high school categories and K-6, intermediate and elementary school categories.

Where is Leander ISD located exactly?

Leander ISD, which is an independent school district, is located in the United States of America. It is located in the state of Texas, at the address of 204 W. South Street.

Where is Fort Bend ISD located?

The Fort Bend Independent School District is also know as Fort Bent ISD. Fort Bend ISD is located 16431 Lexington Blvd, Sugar Land, Texas 77479. The phone number is 281-634-1000.

What is the mission of Waller ISD?

The mission of Waller ISD is to provide educational opportunities to students in pre-Kindergarten to grade twelve. They also strive to incorporate technology into their classrooms.