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Country code +963 is for Syria
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What country has country code 255.968.977.

In its entirety, that is not a valid country code. What you may be looking for is the answer to puzzle 10 from God Tower (see related link.) You have to search each of the

What is a country code?

A telephone country code is a one-, two-, or three-digit number representing a country or an overseas territory. To place an international call, you dial the international acc

What is the country code?

A country code is a shorthand for the name of a country or territory. For example, a telephone country code is a one-, two-, or three-digit prefix used to call a particular co

Which country has a country code USE?

There is no country code ' USE '. Country codes are two letters. US = UnitedStates of America . NO = Norway etc. Currency (money) codes are three letters. They a

Where is telephone country code 00963?

Telephone country codes never begin with zero. Country code +963, dialed as 00 963 from many places, is Syria. Country code +63, dialed as 009 63 from many places, is thePhi
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What country has the country code ag?

The ISO-3166-1 country code AG, or on the Internet the country codetop-level domain .ag, is Antigua & Barbuda , anisland nation in the Caribbean.
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What is your country code?

Your telephone country code is a one-, two-, or three-digit numberidentifying the country, group of countries, or overseas territory,associated with your telephone number. For