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are there any other symptoms? have you ever had a tune up done?(plugs, wires) oil,air,fuel filters been changed? check or do some of the above to see if this helps.

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โˆ™ 2007-05-28 19:21:33
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Q: 00 impala is getting bad gas mileage could it be thermostat or o2 sensors check engine does not light up?
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What sensors affect gas milage in an f250?

All of the engine sensors can affect fuel mileage.

Does the thermostat affect gas mileage?

Yes. Your engine will get the best mileage at full operating temperature. If the thermostat is removed or not working properly causing the engine to become too hot or not hot enough it will affect the operating efficiency or your engine which will decrease your gas mileage.

Would a bad thermostat cause a decrease in gas mileage?

A bad thermostat can cause a decrease in gas mileage. If the thermostat is stuck open, the engine will tend to run cold. Not only will this result in a perpetually low temperature gauge reading and poorly performing heater. It will also cause the ECU to richen the mixture, since the engine will appear to be warming up to the ECU. This will result in poor gas mileage. Replacing the thermostat will allow the engine to fully warm up, which will restore gas mileage as well as heater performance.

How does the thermostat affect fuel efficiency?

Your engine will get the best mileage at full operating temperature. If the thermostat is removed or too low a temperature unit the engine will use more fuel.

When taking of a 1986 Honda accord thermostat what can you replace it with?

Replace it with the exact same temperature thermostat as the one you removed. Do not run the engine without a thermostat. The thermostat is required to keep the engine running at the optimum temperature that will give the best performance and mileage. If it is overheating running it without a thermostat is not the solution.

Can you bypass oxygen sensors in a Ford Freestar?

Not legally. If you do so, the engine will not run as well and will get lower mileage.

Can electrical sensors give false reading because of open thermostat?

An open thermostat would keep the engine from heating up to normal operating temperature. The sensors effected can only report what they sense. The "check engine" light may throw a code like "P0116" (engine coolant temperature circuit range/performance problem).

Can accord operate without thermostat?

An Accord will run without a thermostat. But, it will not operate properly. The heat, fuel/air mixture, even the mileage depend on the thermostat keeping the engine in the correct temperature range.

What could cause a sudden drop in gas mileage?

If you mileage has dropped dramaticly in a short span of time there is one very probable answer. The thermostat to you engines cooling system may have puller through into the engine itself, or simply be in need of a replacement. With no thermostat the coolant is constantly circulating the engine. It is supposed to only do this at a higher temperature but if the engine is constantly cold it will be running a rich mixture of fuel, causeing the mileage to be extremley poor. This thermostat should not be an expensive fix and i would suggest looking into the situation as I have seen it before.

Can 1999 Pontiac Montana run if the water thermostat is removed?

Yes the engine will run but not like it should. The thermostat is required on modern engines to get the engine to the proper operating temperature and keep it there. This will give you the very best mileage and performance. The optimum running temperature for most cars is 195 degrees Fahrenheit. without a thermostat the engine will take a long time to reach that temperature all the while wasting fuel. Without a thermostat the engine may run at a cooler temperature which is not a good thing contrary to what you might think. Anyone that tells you that your car doesn't need a thermostat has no clue as to what's going on with today's cars! Microprocessors and sensors depend on a certain set of parameters from the manufacturer. Included in this mix is the engine temperature. Remove the thermostat, and you throw the computer system into a tizzy! Install the correct thermostat for your vehicle and leave it in.

Were is thermostat in vauxhall vectra 1998 2.0 ls petrol?

Thermostat is on the left hand side of the engine block as you stand in front looking at engine. you should see a black rubber hose about 40mm wide, this goes on to the thermostat housing. the thermostat has to be replaced with complete housing and sensors. quite expensive as thermostats go.

Check engine light on poor gas mileage on1996 neon?

check engine light on,getting poor gas mileage on 1996 Plymouth neon

My temp gauge won't go past the beginning of the normal mark I have replaced sensors and thermostat.?

Your cooling fans may be coming on or you might have a low temp thermostat. Either way, a cool engine is better than a hot engine.

What if you leave out the thermostat what will it do the car?

your engine will never warm up properly. it will decrease gas mileage. engine will not run right. just get the right thermo, and replace it.

Do you need a thermostat on a 95 Honda Civic dx?

Yes, you most certainly do. If you have no thermostat installed then the engine will take a very long time to reach full operating temperature and may never get to the proper temperature. The thermostat allows the engine to warm up quickly which helps prevent engine wear, reduce engine deposits, and emissions. The thermostat keeps the engine at the proper operating temperature for the best performance and best mileage. Running a modern computer controlled engine without a thermostat is a very bad idea.

Is there supposed to be a thermostat in a 1999 Chevy Malibu?

yes, otherwise the engine will run too cool and you will get horrible gas mileage

Your 2003 Toyota matrix runs great but gas mileage is awful why?

Have a mechanic check the O2 sensors. If one is out then the computer will give the engine too much gas. I have also seen some sensors go completely out and the check engine light does not come on.

Will removing the thermostat from a 1996 Bonneville cause the car to idle poorly?

Many of the engines sensors do not operate until the engine has reached running temperature (195 degrees F). Without the thermostat the engine won't reach that mark. It may also trigger the check engine light to illuminate.

Would it hurt to just take your thermostat out because my car is getting how even though i have new water pump radiator hoses?

the car will run with no thermostat installed but performance will be affected. the thermostat not only opens when the engine gets to preset temp but also closes until the engine reaches normal operating range. when the engine is cold either the choke or the fuel injection system richens the fuel/air mix. smoking, fouled plugs,and reduced gas mileage might result.

Where is the thermostat in a 1995 Ford Escort?

To find the thermostat, first find the upper radiator hose going from the radiator to the engine. It's a big 3 inch hose. Where the hose connects to the engine is where the thermostat is at. It's called the water outlet housing. The housing contains the thermostat, 2 sensors and the hose going to the heater. Take this housing off and the thermostat is located inside of the housing. When replacing the thermostat make sure the tabs on the new stat fit inside the slots on the housing. The spring of a new thermostate always goes towards the engine.

Can you run a 1996 Honda accord without a thermostat?

Can? Yes, but should you? No. The thermostat is an integral part of the cooling & emissions system. The thermostat allows the engine to reach optimum operating temperature very quickly which is a good thing. Without a thermostat the engine will take much too long to reach this temperature and in fact it may never reach it's correct operating temperature. Engines run poorly when cold. Once the engine reaches its operating temperature (generally about 200 degrees F, 95 degrees C), the thermostat opens. By letting the engine warm up as quickly as possible, the thermostat reduces engine wear, deposits and emissions. The engine will get better mileage and last much longer. Install the correct thermostat and forget about leaving it out. There is no good reason to run an engine without a thermostat.

Why are you not getting good gas mileage?

Fuel consumption is determined by several factors: * The displacement of the engine. * The design of the engine. * The driving habits of the operator. * The condition of the engine, ie. whether all of the sensors, injectors, carburetor, valves, rings, sparkplugs, plug wires, other ignition components, etc., are functioning as designed.

How can the thermostat in truck keep the heat from getting warm?

If the thermostat is stuck open, the radiator is able to cool the antifreeze faster than the engine can heat it.

Where is the thermostat on 2003 Subaru baja?

The 2003 Subaru thermostat is located inside of the thermostat housing, on the front of the engine. The thermostat will be near the bottom of the engine.

Will a 96 mustang run without a thermostat?

Yes , but it will be like having a thermostat that is stuck open It will take longer for your engine to warm up , the heat from your heater won't be as good , your gas mileage will be poorer , maybe your check engine light will come on , it will pollute more etc.