00 mont starts to overheat at idlebut not if heaters are on runs 165 drivingany answers?

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Check the coolant level. The 3400 engine is know to have head gasket problems. It starts out as low coolant and progress to the fluctuating temperature condition.engine coolant level is good,and no outward leaking problems,...could I possibly have a bad thermostat?cHECK TO SEE IF THE ELECTRIC FAN AT THE RADIATOR IS RUNNING
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Why would your car heater overheat?

Answer . I have a 1992 Plymouth Sundance with 130000 miles. 4 cyl, 2.0L It has been well taken care of with regular maintenance between 3k to 5k intervals since I bought it with 58k.. The car instantly overheats when turned on. The heat blows frigidly cold air. It has a thermostat that is ~5 mon ( Full Answer )

Why would the car overheat but no hot air come from the heater?

You didnt say if the water pump was changed. No hot air means no circulation. Answer Brittany, You have 2 symptoms of a larger problem. It is like you said "I have a terrible headache and black eye." What happened was you missed the ball and it cracked you in the head. Anyways, Coolant is a fluid ( Full Answer )

Why would a Pontiac Sunbird only blow cold air when the heater is on and the temperature gauge run super hot but the car does not overheat?

It sounds to me like the heater core is out. Have you noticed the floor wet recently? that's a sure sign of heater core issues. The other option is it will act like that if it has no antifreeze or water in the radiator, in other words the radiator is dry. Just a suggestion if someone has replaced ( Full Answer )

You have a 1998 ford explorer 40l sohc it quickly starts to overheat what is the problem you've checked the heater hose and it is hot so this possibly eliminates the thermostat whats wrong?

The thermostat could still be the problem. It could be partially open, allowing some coolant through but not enough to cool the engine. It could also be a partially blocked radiator. Is the vehicle blowing out all of the coolant when it overheats? If so, it could be a head gasket or cracked head or ( Full Answer )

Problem with overheating Replaced cooling fan relay Overheats in stop and go driving heat comes out the heater but will car starts to overheat cold air comes out Any clue what could be Thermostat Plea?

Answer . \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \nEngine overheats \n. \nWhen a car or truck overheats idling, in town, on the highway, while towing, etc. it is important to find out the reason to prevent engine damage. First, with the engine cold, make sure the radiator is ( Full Answer )

Where is the pcv valve located on a 00 Monte Carlo?

Answer . On the passenger side of the engine just ahead of the alternator, under the edge of the plastic engine cover there is a sensor with a plug and wires coming out of it, it says sensor pressure on it.That entire unit twists off and the pcv valve is under it

Why does the heat blower not work on a 2003 Monte Carlo when you first start up but will work after the car runs for a while?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThe engine should begin producing heater output within the first minute. Might take a little longer in colder climates.\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nAlthough it sounds like I may not be warming my car up before turning on the heat blower, this never happened until a ( Full Answer )

Why does your Acura vigor not start when it overheats?

Vehicles won't start when overheated. Alot of vehicles act this way as a safety mech. to help protect your engine from damage. At a certain temp. the factory ECU disengages the ignition.

Why does your car overheat when you run your ac?

Answer . \nyour a/c unit works your engine harder then not running it. it should not make it over heat, but if it does, check your antifreeze/ water mix in your ratiator, if the level is too low, this may be your problem, if it is fine, check your fan, make sure it is running correctly, you shou ( Full Answer )

How do you change a Monte Carlo heater core?

It is a tough job, you will need to remove your front seat, it will be nearly impossible if you don't have all the room that you will need. It will be difficult to work with the front seat in place but, if you do it, it can be done. I say remove the seat because it will be much easier to work withou ( Full Answer )

Why would my car overheat but the heater blows cold air?

You should check your water level. It's low, and you have a leak.Get someone to check it for you. . The heater in your car works off the water from your radiator, nowater in the radiator will over heat the engine ergo top up thewater. . Could also be low antifreeze level causing water in radiato ( Full Answer )

Why does my Car overheats but heaters wont heat up?

This is might also be the time to check your cooling system for any possible leaks. A leaking heater core in the winter time can be dangerous, because you are exposed to the coolant fumes in a closed environment. If you suspect a leaking system, drive with fresh air coming in from your vents or a wi ( Full Answer )

1997 Chevy Monte Carlo that is over heating it quit when your defroster started workin but now my heater and defroster stopped working and my car is running hot what could be the problem?

There are many reasons why an engine overheats. It can be as simple as adding coolant and water to having a cracked head or heads. You need to look at your cooling system. Check the level of your cooling fluid. Add if it is low. Then check your radiator hoses to make sure they are not collapsing whe ( Full Answer )

You have to have your heater on or your car overheats what might be wrong?

It could be any number of things, but here's what to check... Make sure the radiator is full of coolant (with the engine off and ice cold, facing slightly uphill) If you need to add coolant start the car (with radiator cap removed) and add coolant while its running directly to the radiator. On ( Full Answer )

Taurus overheats but doesn't blow hot air from the heater?

First thing to inspect is that there is enough anti-freeze / coolant. If the coolant level is full, then this sounds like a symptom of a failed water pump. Although the pump may not be leaking, the impeller may not be spinning and moving the coolant through the engine.

Why does my car overheat and the heater blows warm and cold air?

Theres a couple of things that can cause this. First, check ALL the hoses to be sure you dont have a leak. make sure the radiator and reservoir are not leaking. Then you need to check the thermostat. The easiest way i know to do this is run the engine to normal temp, providing you can do this withou ( Full Answer )

2002 impala still over heats even after replaced water pump heater core thermostat radiator and even used blue devil sealant car runs fine till you drive it then it overheats?

After replacing all of the above items on this vehicle, there may be only a few answers left. You may have a blown head gasket(s). The engine will overheat no matter what with that. Also look at your hoses, sometimes a hose will be weak only under pressure and collapse as to block the water flow.

Why won't car start after the car overheats?

Because the engine is too hot to continue cycling correctly without the pistons "sticking" against the side of the cylinders, causing them to slow down or even stop moving in extreme cases. buy some antifreeze

Why does a ford temp overheat when you first start it?

Most of the time it is because the thermostat has gone bad and is not opening at the proper temperature. Cure: replace thermostat.. If the thermostat has been replaced, flush the radiator. Buildup of residue in the bottom of the radiato0r will cause overheating, but it is maintained over heating, n ( Full Answer )

What would make your 1999 buick century go to the red in overheat and the heater start throwing out cold air you have replaced the water pumpradiatorradiator cap and thermostat?

\n. \nIs the cooling fan working as it should? Another possibly is air trapped in the system. Remove the radiator cap, set the heater to hot, start the engine and watch for air bubbles escaping from the radiator. Keep it topped of while doing this, and when you see no more air bubbles, put the cap ( Full Answer )

What can cause 2000 Monte Carlo to overheat?

In the general case, cars overheat because of a bad thermostat, low coolant level, blockage in the coolant system, insufficient antifreeze percentage, fan blockage, or water pump failure.

Why does my Jeep overheat and heater and air conditioning doesn't work.?

For both your heater and air conditioning not to work means you either broke a belt or the belt is loose.. Overheating would also be caused by this, because your water pump is driven by the same belt.. Do not drive it until you get it fixed, you'll kill that engine by overheating it.

00 sebring sputtering and wont run only?

Assuming your spark plugs and wires are in good shape, put a checker on the diag harness and look for a bad speed sensor. could be many other things however - sorry but sketchy info. Good luck.

2000 Malibu overheats but no heat from heater?

You are probably very low on coolant. If so you have a leak somewhere. Have it check by a mechanic now before you damage the engine if you haven't already.

Why does my 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 overheat with heater on?

It is possible that your radiator is partially plugged or the heater core is leaking coolant or the thermostat is the wrong temperature. Sorry for so many scenarios, but I have seen all of these.

What would cause 00 jetta 1.8T to overheat?

Probably any normal thing like not enough Radiator Fluid or something is wrong with your radiator or a head gasket leak could cause the radiator fluid loss. Does this Help?

Ok you have a 00 Montana 3400 you have replaced the thermostat 2xs water pump 2xs front heater core radiator intake gastket and flushed the rear heater core and it still overheats?

I don't know how old this question is, but we had a similar problem, it turned out a head gasket was leaking. We've had it replaced and the van has been driven about 500 miles since then without overheating. I'm sure that's not what you wanted to hear, but I would find out if that's the case with yo ( Full Answer )

Does a bad heater core make cars overheat?

Yes it can cause it to overheat but first check your thermostat. That would be the 1st cheapist thing to do before you did anything else. I got an 85 regal(overheating) and the thermostat or the heater core is the problem im getting them both replaced tomorrow and will let know of how it runs.

What causes a 2002 Monte Carlo to overheat?

In the general case, cars overheat because of a bad thermostat, low coolant level, blockage in the coolant system, insufficient antifreeze percentage, fan blockage, or water pump failure.

Have to run the heater so it don't overheat?

Don't know the year, make or model of your vehicle but start with replacing the thermostat then check to be sure the fan clutch is working properly and that the fan shroud is there and in one piece. The radiator may also be plugged up, a cooling system flush may help.