00 mustang 35k miles bluewhite smoke coming from tailpipe at 1st startup uses 2-4 qt oil 1x mo spark plugs have oil on them requiring change 1x mo eng comp test good eng induct svc done - still smokin?

Blue Smoke: Always a sign of oil burning. Probably worn rings ao broken rings. White Smoke: Always a sign of coolant leakage into the cylinder. Usually a head gasket problem. Black Smoke: Always a sign of an angine running too rich. Too much fuel! Can be a multitude of reasons depending on fuel delivery system. (Carb,TBI TPI) While you do not mention mileage it sounds like you have a head gasket problem that lead to over heating that caused serious damage. If this has not been the case, its more than likely a soon to be senario. You may want to see your mechanic soon!!!!