01 Accord coupe is leaking transmission fluid at where the cv joint and the transmission connects on both sides couple drops after parked Is this fixable by myself anyone know what is worong Thanks?

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It sounds like the seals. Whether you can repair it or not depends on your ability level.
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Where would transmission fluid leak?

%DETAILS%%FOLLOWUPS% Pretty much you have the transmission, the lines to the cooler and that's about it. Follow what I said before. I may be wrong but is the color of your power steering fluid the same as the transmission fluid on that model? Are you monitoring the levels of both fluids? Wrong Ga ( Full Answer )

What causes a transmission to leak fluid?

Transmission fluid leak can be caused by couple of things. Most common being an worn out or broken seal. The transmission seals on most cars are made from rubber or metal. Seal is exposed to extreme temperature for years and the parts moving around them will eventually cause seals to fail resu ( Full Answer )

Why would your car leak transmission fluid?

Answer . \nyou could have a bad transmission pan gasket which is cheap and easy to fix yourself, or you need a new one.. Answer . Besides the transmission pan gasket, there are other places the transmission could be leaking from:\nINPUT SHAFT: fluid would be coming out form the front of the t ( Full Answer )

Why would the transmission not stop leaking fluid?

The pan gasket could be leaking ( tighten mounting bolts or replace gasket ) Filler pipe rubber seal , Transmission oil lines ( tighten , replace ) Speedometer connector ( replace o-ring ) Some makes have a transmission vent pipe ( transmission over filled ) Output shaft seal damaged (replace)

What do you do if your car is leaking transmission fluid?

Find the leak, figure out if you can fix it, take the car to a garage. How bad it is leaking? You certainly don't want to run a car with low transmission fluid as it will surely do internal damage. Most common leak areas are at the pan gasket or the transmission cooler lines that go to the radiato ( Full Answer )

How do you remove the cv joint from the transmission of a 93 Toyota Camry?

Hi I just decided to replace the half shafts from a 93 Toyota Camry. I struggled for a day with the driver side half shaft and finaly got the dumb thing off by buying a very ridgid prybar from sears, jamming it under shaft near the trans and bashing with a big sledge hammer. Pow! and it was free! Th ( Full Answer )

Does anyone knows that where is drain plug for transmission fluid located on 2003 Honda odyssey please don't reply with answer to buy manual thanks aps?

There is NOT a pan for this transmission, but there is a drain plug for the transmission. It is located on the bottom of the transaxle, just to the driver's side of center and can be identified by looking for the round head with a square in the middle. It is removed by placing a 3/8" drive wrench lo ( Full Answer )

You removed the cv joints on your 1991 ford escort gt 1.8l manual transmission and fluid poured out you assume transmission fluid how do you check the transmission fluid level and how do you add fluid?

Answer . QUOTE::::On the side of the transmission there will be a plug. remove the plug and check the fluid level. If fluid pours out when you remove it, that means the transmission is full.. if not, add fluid through this hole till it pours out.. This information is completely wrong!. There is ( Full Answer )

What happens when transmission fluid leaks?

You leave a mess everywhere you park, When the fluid level drops below the add line, the transmission will not perform correctly, Continued use after the fluid level has dropped below the add line will shorten the life span of the transmission,

When do you know the transmission fluid is low?

Transmission is sealed I learned from a mechanic that my 1997 Isuzu Rodeo's transmission was sealed and that no fluid could be added to it by me. I suspect, from this information, that a person could not determine if the transmission fluid is low without unsealing the transmission. Dipstick ( Full Answer )

How do you clean up transmission fluid leak?

Answer . Cat litter if there is a lot to clean up. Let it sit for a day. Anything left can be cleaned with most anything, dishwashing detergent may break it up better than a spray cleaner.

Honda Accord transmission fluid?

Must use Honda transmission fluid. Go to your local dealer for the correct fluid. Answer: Tell us what year, what model of Honda do you have? Consult your owner's manual. As specified by the factory, many older Hondas use regular Dexron fluid which is available at any auto parts store.

Transmission fluid leak car in storage?

Answer . Sometimes when a vehicle is stored for aperiod of time transmission seals shrink and start to leak from lack of use

How do you fix water leaking into transmission fluid?

Answer . Coolant? Bad radiator. Radiator has a separate cooling tank (usually at the side or bottom of radiator) for transmission fluid. At times this tank ruptures allowing coolant to get into transmission. Most times causing a transmission failure.

Consequences of transmission fluid leaks?

A transmission leak should be viewed as a potentially serious andcostly mechanical condition if left undiagnosed or repaired.Consequences include automatic transmission failure, risk of fire,and environmental contamination through the leak itself.

Is there a liquid stop leak for transmission fluid?

Transmission leaks occur for several reasons. Below you'll find more about the cause of those leaks, and some ways to stop them. The best way of all is to physically replace the leaking seals, but it is usually an expensive repair job. Reason 1 - Acid impregnates rubbery seals, and this causes s ( Full Answer )

What causes the transmission fluid to leak into the radiator?

I would say its a bad radiator are you sure its tranny fluid and not motor oil, in which case you could have a blown head gasket? **correct answer** there should be a transmission cooler that allows transmission fluid to flow through your rad at some point, these lines, when they break, will let ( Full Answer )

Is the cv joint fixable if the bearings fall out?

chances are if your boot was ripped on your cv its usually toast and the bearings can be put back in and it be rebuilt but if dirt got into it from a torn boot its usually not worth the hassle of rebuilding just buy a new one

Why does my manual 1993 jeep wrangler leak transmission and clear fluid from my U-joint?

You did not say which U-joint but with the fluid description we can assume it is from where the drive shaft exits the Xfer case. There is a seal around the shaft that wears & needs to be replaced. This is the most likely cause of the leak. The clear fluid is the Xfer case lube. If you are loosing tr ( Full Answer )

Why would transmission fluid leak continuously?

Loose transmission lines, blown torque convertor seal ,dried out pan gasket. where the leak is would help description of faul . i,e the front of the of tranny at the engine tranny mating surface or under the unioit itself or out of the cooler lines.

Where does transmission fluid leak from?

Transmission fluid can leak from many places. It could leak fromthe actual transmission itself, or any of the tubing that goes fromthe transmission to other parts of the car.

Why would transmission fluid be leaking?

my explore drives fine but i have to add tranny fluid every 4 blocks or it wont move < If you write in this part, the computer assumes the question has been answered- caught yours by chance. Obviously, you have a leak in your transmission. A couple of common spots would be the pan of the transmissio ( Full Answer )

Is it good for transmission fluid to leak into the engine?

No it is not good for transmission fluid to leak into the engine. More information is needed to give even an educated guess why this is happening. The car must be older, or have a modulator valve in transmission pan and diaphragm is bad on the vacuum line.

What is a cv transmission?

\nActually it is the continuously variable transmission (CVT). Unlike traditional automatic transmissions, continuously variable transmissions don't have a gearbox with a set number of gears, which means they don't have interlocking toothed wheels. The most common type of CVT operates on an ingeniou ( Full Answer )

Will a transmission leak if too much fluid?

Yes it most certainly can. On older Rear wheel drive transmissions, namely Ford C4 transmissions, there is a vent at at the very top of the case. If you try and fill the transmission while it is idle (no moving parts inside, like on a test stand or in your car that is turned off) you can easily fill ( Full Answer )

You changed your transmission fluid and now you have a leak?

it could be couple of things depending on where its leaking from also when u change a transmission fluid u r suppose 2 change the gasket and the filter if u didn't that might be ur problem but if u did then check the following 1) the bolts might be loose but dont tightened it too much 2) the transmi ( Full Answer )

Does warranty cover transmission fluid leak?

That will vary greatly depending on the type of warranty, the cause of the leak, and the type of car. If you think a dealer is not honoring a warranty you might want to call the customer service phone number listed in your owners manual.

Can cv joints cause an automatic transmission to stop pulling periodiclly then pull normally sometimes it grinds when you go from drive to park?

Not likely. This sounds like a transmission about to fully fail. You have this listed as a stalling problem. Does the vehicle stall as well? If it is an early 90's to early 2000's Chrysler product, then the transmission is almost certainly the problem. there are other vehicles that have transmission ( Full Answer )

How do you know you need transmission fluid?

If its a Dodge automatic transmission it more than likely won't shift out of 1st gear if its a quart or more lower, otherwise, it will slip like on any other car! Actually, you read the marks on the dipstick.

Your transmission is leaking fluid what may be cause?

Common causes of transmission fluid leaks: . Worn Transmission Pan Seals . Worn Rear Main Seal . Cracked Transmission Fluid Line . Leaky Torque Converter . Loose Transmission Pan Bolts .

Why is fluid leaking from front on 4L60E transmission?

the pump seal has worn out and possibly cracked letting fluid leak past it into the bell housing and causing it to leak from the front. new seal should be about $15-30 and you tube has videos to show the replacement procedure