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I had a similar problem. When i took it into the garage they told me that the head gasket had gone and it was mis-firing. It was completely destroyed and i had to replace the engine, so get it seen to fast.
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How do you change a brakelight on a Fiat Punto?

Under the carpet in the boot of the car there is a tool kit sitting on top of the spare wheel. There is a small cylindrical plastic piece with a female hex fitting in it. On the rear pillar above where the seat belt comes out there is a circular plastic piece that you pop off. Carefully put the hex ( Full Answer )

Where is the timing belt on a 1995 Fiat Punto?

Answer . what model is it and size of engine. Answer. As you look into the engine compartment. on the left side of the engine you will see a black. plastic cover. the timing belt is located behind the cover. best wishes. Mike 2

Where is the bonnet release on a Fiat Punto?

The bonnet release clip is located under the steering wheelbelow the steering wheel height adjustment lever. it is (in mycase) a bright orange color. On year 1999-> model it is just below the dashboard plasticlevel, to the door side of control pedals, just crouch down andhave a look. If the level ( Full Answer )

How do you stop a Fiat Brava idling erratically?

If your brava's idle is going hunting the ICV could need cleaned or replaced. It could however be indicative of more serious problems that I'm not confident enough to discuss. Have you tried resetting the ECU?Simply disconnect the battery overnight, then reconnect in the morning. drive normally for ( Full Answer )

How do you adjust the handbrake on a 2000 Fiat Punto?

Answer . \nBehind the handbrake lever there is an ashtray\n. \nTake out ash tray\n. \nLosen off smallbolt (3mm alen key)\n. \nand you will see adjuster nut\n. \nEnsure your car is on flat ground and wont roll away\n. \nRelease handbrake and tighten up adjuster nut till you get around 3 or 4 ( Full Answer )

Why would a 1995 Fiat Punto 55 sometimes rev up and down from 1000 to 3000 rpm while idling?

Answer : Possibly the EGR valve . I had a similar problem on my Punto, turned out to be a sticking EGR (Exhaust Gas Re-cirulation) valve. The valve was staying open and suffocating the engine, the ECU forces the engine into a type of 'panic mode' providing more fuel to make up for the "missing a ( Full Answer )

What is the tire persue on your fiat punto?

Im trying to find out my self, because the manual say that 2.0 front and 1.9 back. But the look like under presure. So I start chacking and finding out that about 30 would be recommended. Good luck

What is red key for on fiat punto?

Its a master key which you need to get spare keys cut. Losing the red key may result in having to have all the locks replaced on the car, and will significantly reduce its resale value.

How do you connect a CD player in a fiat punto?

Put your radio pins (prongs/forks) in the four small holes in eaach corner of the old radio and pull the radio forwards. Unclip the two connectors and aerial at the back and fit to new CD player, push back into DIN area and secure.

How do you skim a fiat punto head?

Answer . In short you don't. take the head to a specialist engine re conditioner. for them to skim & pressure test afterwards.

How do you change thermostat on a Fiat punto?

Answer . Thermostat is located on the right hand side of the engine.. Locate the top hose coming out of the expansion tank and follow it to where it connects to the engine block on the right hand side.. Remove this hose draining the coolant in the process.. You will now see a pipe connected to ( Full Answer )

Where is the fusebox on a Fiat Punto?

The fuse box for the fiat punto is on the right hand side of the car just to the side of the steering wheel, there are two plastic Phillips screws undo these and hey presto.........................

How do you change a clutch on a Fiat Punto?

The process is reasonably simple. The only equipment needed it simple jacking equipment, basic mechanics tools (spanners and sockets etc) and one specialist tool. The specialist tool is a universal clutch alignment tool (About £10 form any motor spares shop). It's better to have two people for mo ( Full Answer )

Why Erratic idle Ford Ranger?

Check for leaks in Vacuum hoses (part of the emissions system), check the Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve for leaking fuel into the intake. Basic TLC (Tender loving care) and replace all spark plugs, spark plug wires, oil change, etc... Some older 1992 vehicles may have a distributor cap that is warn ( Full Answer )

Where is the sump plug on a Fiat punto?

On a Fiat Punto, the sump plug is at the base of the sump. It should be a hexagonal fitment and somewhere between 12-13 mm. .

Will a Fiat punto 1.2 gearbox fit a Fiat Punto 1.9d?

you cannot use a diesel gearbox with a petrol engine, u will crack and warp the head.. there no ay you can combine the two ..... i know why you want to dou this, bacuse the 1.9 d is expensive right lol. i can suggest you transfer the engine either because the car is diesel its just wont work soz mat ( Full Answer )

Where is the gearbox dipstick on fiat punto 55?

There is no dipstick for the gearbox the punto has a filler/level plug on the front of the gearbox 12mm Allen key fitting hope this helps best wishes Mike 2

Fiat punto overheating?

The first thing you should do is check for an airlock in the cooling system, this is easy to do and costs you nothing, a severe airlock can stop the temperature sensor from allowing the cooling fan to kick in when its needed. I have found most puntos airlock in and around the heater matrix, one tell ( Full Answer )

Where is the oil filter on Fiat punto 1.2?

i have a 1997 1.6 8v punto. this is where it is on mine...... if you jack the car up and look close to the front, you should see the filter slightly to the drivers side on a angle.. It rides quite low down so jacking the car up would be the best option. i know its not v. informative but i cant think ( Full Answer )

How do you fit fiat punto light bulbs?

I have a fiat punto 1998 1.2.. With the back lights, theres 2 large holders screwed in just above the boot (inside) there will be a tool in your spare wheel holder to undo it, once both unscrewed you can take off the back light and unscrew to screws that holds on the lenses, besure not to drop it. ( Full Answer )

Fuse box fiat punto 2006?

The fuse box on a 2006 Fiat Punto is located under the dash, nearthe hood release. A secondary fuse box is located in the enginecompartment.

Where is the diagnostic socket on a fiat punto?

Saying about right hand side drive models. The OBD port is hidden under the panel, right lower to steering column. You can pull down the panel holding on to the pocket and hinging at the lower end. It is fixed with clips and no screws. The fuse box is also located there.

Fiat Punto wont tickover?

You might want to check your lambda sensor, or distributor. Take it to a garage if you are unsure.

How do you change spark plugs in a fiat punto?

The spark plugs on a Fiat Punto are changed by removing the sparkplug wire cover and pulling firmly on the plug wires. A deep wallsocket can then be used to remove and replace each spark plug.

Fiat punto speedo not working?

hya i had the same problem with mine one day it was working then while driving it just went off . if the speedo is electrics ratha than speedo cable then it is the speedo sensor that bolts into the gearbox it should have a connector up from the sensor cable (blue cable) unclip it from ( Full Answer )

How do you remove Fiat punto door?

open the door then drive into it with another car and it should remove it safely if not just use a hammer

Why won't my Fiat punto start?

when i turn the ignition key i jus hear a click noise coming from the engine. any body have any ideas of what it could be ?. and well it wont accelarate and go anywhere .. ?

Where is the fuse box on a Fiat Punto?

I note that you did not stipulate the year of the Punto subject of your question. On the model which came out in 1999, the fuse box is located right next to the battery, it is situated between the battery and the left front wing, the lid of the plastic fuse box is held in place by light spring loade ( Full Answer )

Does Fiat punto have park lights?

Yes it has, I own punto mk2 and first i thought there was something wrong with the wiring but then i discovered that if you hold down the small button on the ignition switch at the same time you can rotate the key one more step counterclockwise and the lights come on.. then you can pull off the key ( Full Answer )

What is the beeping noise in a Fiat punto?

I was looking for the same answer, but I think I have worked it out on my journey home. I have a Mk2 2002 Punto Sporting 1.2 16V. After travelling a while I got a beep come over the stereo every 30 seconds. This carried on and on. While travelling I identified that if the TA (Traffic Announceme ( Full Answer )

Where is the oil filter on a 98 fiat punto?

on the left hand side at the front of the engine.open bonnet go to left hand side and look down its there almost at the bottom of the engine.

Where is the horn Fiat grande punto?

Remove front grill for access. This is clipped in ,so with gentle persuasion you should have no problem. Horn is up approx centre behind grill.

Why is my fiat puntos oil warning light on?

think I would start by replacing the oil pressure switch. On the FIRE engine (999cc/1108cc), it's mounted on the oil filter . mounting. Easy to get to but when you undo it, oil will drain out, so have a drain pan ready. The switch is cheap and hopefully easy to get. If the flashing ( Full Answer )

How do you bleed brakes on fiat grande punto?

This is a job for at least an apprehntist grade mecahanic. Start with the wheel cylinder furtherest away from the master cylinder, the right rear. With the brake master cylinder full of fuel have a second person pump the brake pedal a few times until a little pressure is felt at the foot pedal. At t ( Full Answer )

Are the Fiat punto and 500 the same car?

No they are not same, though they have fiat punto before them. The new fiat has brought a lot of changes to make it perfect for long drives n here goes it. 'The new FIAT PUNTO 2012 ' .

How do you change the Fiat punto ECU?

fiat punto ecu is bolted onto the throttle housing (manifold) remove air filter and at rear of throttle housing you will see 2 x multiplugs (release by swinging clips 90 degrees) these plug into ecu (4 bolts) Unfortunately new or replacement ECU,s need reprogramming. Although if changing an engine o ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if the gasket has blown on fiat punto?

I assume you mean head gasket. Symptoms are: White smoke from exhaust, loosing coolant with no apparent leak, oil level overfull, a white foamy substance on the underside of the oil fill cap, air bubbles escaping from the radiator, and sometimes an engine misfire. A compression test will verify if t ( Full Answer )

What is a Fiat Punto car?

The Punto is an supermini Italian-made car manufactured by the company Fiat. The car was first produced in 1993 and still is today. Over the years, it has been marketed as the Grande Punto, the Punto Evo, and now it is simply just Punto.

The Fiat Punto is manufactured by who?

The Fiat Punto is manufactured by the company Fiat. Fiat is an Italian manufacturing company. The manufacturing of the Fiat Punto started in 1993 and is still currently being produced.