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01 S10 V6 will only start by quickly cranking the engine Will not start when cranked continuously?


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2008-10-26 16:52:43
2008-10-26 16:52:43

it sounds like the timing


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if the timing belt is not moving when engine is cranking,it means you have broken a cam,or a belt not keep cranking as you can damage other parts of the engine such as the valves

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it means starting of diesel engine

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generally , cranking an engine is done with igniton where turning is done by hand with the ignition off so as it will not start

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If the engine is "cranking" then it is "turning over". Please be more specific.

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Most engine starters are series-parallel wound DC motors. They are designed for very short cycle operation, and pull a lot of power in order to develop the torque required to start an engine; power that will destroy them and/or the battery if they are used continuously.

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