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It means you have a problem with the CCD Bus in your truck. I believe that is related to the signal from the Body Control Module (BCM). I would suggest checking your wiring connections and make sure they are tight.

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โˆ™ 2011-01-19 13:09:10
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Q: 01 dodge ram 2500 ctd overhead console displays letters ccd what is this?
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What are the wiring connections for the overhead console of a 1999 Dodge Durango?

The 1999 Dodge Durango overhead console wiring connections are beneath the overhead console. You will need to remove the overhead console?æin order to access the wiring connections.

Where can you purchase a overhead console light for a 2005 dodge caravan?

In, search by overhead console.

How can you remove the Overhead console in a 2007 dodge ram?

To remove the overhead console you will first need to disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable. Remove the overhead screws and pull straight down on the console.

Will a 2004 dodge ram 1500 overhead console fit a 2004 2500 dodge ram?


What does the code dte mean on a dodge ram overhead console?

distance till empty

In the 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 the overhead console which has the direction and temp the temp displays OC what does that mean and how do you fix it?

It means that the circuit is open that goes to the temp sensor by the grill. Either the wires are broke or the sensor is bad.

What does the 'perform service' warning on the overhead console mean for a Dodge Grand Caravan?

Time for an oil change.

What problems would a bad ambient air sensor in 06 dodge 1500 do?

Check engine light and an improper reading in the overhead console.Check engine light and an improper reading in the overhead console.

How do you open the Liftgate of a Dodge Durango?

Manual-Handle under Dodge emblemPower-Push trunk button on key fobPush trunk button on overhead console

How do you replace map light switches in overhead console of dodge ram?

youse put it in da soket n turn it on bro

Where is the button to open the rear windows located in a dodge grand caravan?

Generally on the dash above the radio, or if you have a overhead console it could be there!

How do you remove the headliner on a 2003 dodge Dakota quad?

I have 2003 Dodge Dakota Club Cab with overhead console, and need to remove the headliner to have it redone. What is the procedure for removal? Thanks Mick

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