01 p71 crown vic are they fast?

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I had a 2001 and yes they are fast. Try to find one with around 100,000 miles or so. I now have a 2002 and it has even more power and has better pickup than my 01 did.
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Would the mercury maruader beat a crown vic p71?

A Marauder would win against a CVPI Because the Marauder has roughly 50 More Horsepower.. Uh...75..You doof, Who corrects with a guess ?. Nice Try, but try again.. 2004-pre

Top speed of 2001 ford crown vic p71?

The 01' has PI (performance improved) heads and other parts, this started in 99'. I own a 98' and have had mine to 135 mph, the speedo pins at 140mph. Please don't try this on

How much coolant does an 01 crown vic hold?

A 2001 Ford Crown Victoria has an engine coolant system capacity of: ( 15.0 litres / 15.8 U.S. quarts ) * it came from the factory with a 50 / 50 mix of distilled waterand t