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The light assembly has screws on the outside take them out then you need to firmly place a flathead screw driver on the edge of the assembly to pry it loose.

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Q: 01 xterra how do you get the rear light assembly off?
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How do you remove rear light assembly 05 Toyota 4 runner?

It's removed from inside the rear compartment. Open the rear hatch and on the inside of the light you will find a snap-off cover. open it and remove the light assembly with a 1/4 turn. The bulb assembly should pop out

How do you replace a rear light bulb in a Isuzu Rodeo?

The complete assembly comes off by removing 4ea screws on the outside. Then remove the small plate on the rear of the assembly to get to the bulb.

When it hit the brake your rear light turn off?

It's a bad circuit board in the taillight assemby. You can get the whole light assembly off of eBay for about $40.00

How do you change a tail light assembly on a 2005 Toyota 4 runner?

Open the rear hatch. on the inside of the rear light you will find a snap-off hatch. Open it and you will see the back of the light assembly. It's a 1/4 twist off most likely. pull it out remove the bulb and replace everything with a new bulb.

How do you get the rear tail light assembly off of a 2004 Honda Pilot?

Hello, It is just two Phillips head screws. Once those are out the rear tail light will come off but go easy on it. It has a couple of plastic pegs on the right or left hand side that go into an assembly.

Is it legal to take off the rear catalytic converters on an 02 xterra in Canada?

yes it is but your car will go faster...the engine light will stay on ao yes it is illegal

How do you change rear tail lamp?

Inside the rear door entrance, next to the tail light assembly inside the opening of the van, you will see two Phillips head screws. Remove them and the tail light assembly will come off. The bulbs are accessed by turning counter clockwise, and pulling upwards on the light fixture assembly, found on the rear of the tail light assembly. These bulbs pop straight out of their sockets.When replacing the bulb and its' socket, note that there are different sized notches, so that it only goes in one way.

How do you remove the rear lamp cover on a Nissan Xterra to replace the brake light?

access to the rear brake lights is inside the vehicle. Open the rear hatch and on the rear corners of the vehicle, you will see a small cover plate. Take the cover plate off and this will give you access to the lights.

How do you change the rear light on a 1988 Chevy Celebrity?

In the trunk near the quarter panel there are several nuts that hold the rear header on. In the center is the nut that holds the tail light assembly on, it is in the middle of the tail light assembly. Take the nut off, then pull outward on the tail light until the stud comes out of the header, then pull out to the side to release a tab from the backup light fixture. Then take off the appropriate fixture and change the bulb.

How do you get the lens cover off rear 2006 Dodge caravan in order to change the tail light bulb?

The tail light is an assembly. The lens is not removable. To replace a bulb you remove the assembly by opening the liftgate, removing two fasteners, and pulling the light rearward.

How do you replace a rear brake light bulb on a 2000 ford zx2?

you have to take out the rear tailight assembly from inside the trunk, there are 3 bolts, the then Slides towards the rear of the car, the whole tailight assembly does, you also have to take off the cover inside the trunk area. it's not hard.

How do you change rear light assembly in 2009 altima?

If you go to they have Tech pages where they take off tail lights step by step.

How do you change a Mitsubishi Colt broken rear light lens?

Hey Mary==You have to take the light assembly off by removing the screws from the back. Not an easy job sometimes. GoodluckJoe

Rear tail light works but goes off when applying brakes on a 2000 grand Cherokee?

its a bad circuit card in the assembly...the whole assembly will have to be changed. you can get a new one on eBay for 40.00

How do you get the plastic assembly off of the rear end to replace the turn signal bulb?

Rear end of what?

How do you replace 2006 Cobalt rear turn signal bulb?

Pull the carpeting back in the trunk by the light that needs replaced and there are 3 or 4 twist nuts that have to come off and then the complete rear light assembly will come out and you can replace the bulbs.

How do you remove a rear hub assembly on a 97 avenger?

Remove the tire and wheel. Remove the brake assembly and rotor. Remove the axle end cap. The rear hub assembly will come off.

How do you get rear assembly for blinker off 2003 dodge ram 2500?

The rear ti light lense is held in by two screws. Lower tailgate, remove screws, grab and pull taillight rearward.

How do you turn off the check Engine Light for a 2006 Nissan xterra?

Try disconnecting the battery.

How do you remove the plastic cover to change the rear tail light on a 1997 Chevy S10?

the cover does not come off, you must remove the entire light assembly and remove the bulb from the back side

Why won't my rear brake light turn off in my 96 acura integra even after I remove key?

When there is erosion in the break light assembly it will do this. The wiring to the break lights may also be grounded out.

How do you change a BMW r1100rt indicator bulb?

For front turn signal bulbs, knock the mirror off - it sits on 3 round posts. For the rear, remove the rear light assembly and the bulbs are accessible from the back.

What does it mean when your brake light goes on and off on a Nissan Xterra?

Maybe is the fluid brake that is low level.

How do you change the tail light assembly on a 2005 Chevy Cobalt?

Open the trunk and pull the carpeting back from the rear lights and there are 3 or 4 twist nuts that you take off and the light will come out, do this on both sides.

How do you turn the abs light off in a 2002 Nissan Xterra?

When the ABS light is on it is for a reason, a sensor could be bad, or another major problem. The light wont go off until the problem is corrected or until the light burns out