02 Elantra wrecked head on collision repaired and immediately afterwards the main baring in the engine failed and now needs engine replaced Had no problems what so ever before the wreck Any thoughts?

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During the accident the engine did not shut off in time and it damaged the barring. It happens but there is a shut off switch that is in the car to shut it off. It must have failed.
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How do you repair an engine with a blown head gasket?

The head or heads will have to be remove and inspected for cracksor warpage. You then replace the gasket and reinstall the head.Drain the oil and change the filter. Replace the thermostat andpour in fresh coolant. Unless you ran it hot or drove it for a longperiod of time in this condition you may b (MORE)

You cleaned your 02 sensor your 1994 ford Ranger XLT with a a 30 engine Now the codes read rt and lt bank running lean should you replace or repair?

Answer . you should NEVER clean an o2 sensor. they are very sensitive so you should replace them.\n. \n==POSSIBLE CAUSE=\n. \nIt is quite possible the cause of the code showing (lt bank running lean) is a contaminated Mass Air Sensor which you can usually take off and clean. It should be on the (MORE)

What recourse do you have when the insurance company and repair shop say car engine repairs after a wreck are sufficient although there is now a noticeable difference in engine performance?

Answer . You might have to start with a second opinion at your expense (which you might be able to recover later) from another mechanic. Check your policy to see what the dispute resolution process is. Also, your state government will have a department which oversees insurance companies, and whic (MORE)

Would oil in your radiator be a sign of a cracked head gasket if so would the engine need to be completely replaced?

Answer . it could be the sign of a blown head gasket or a cracked cylinder head provided its engine oil in your radiator , if you have an automatic tranmission\nthere is an oil cooler built into the readiator , make sure that its oil or transmission fluid before you go making a repair- if in do (MORE)

99 Chrysler 300m After front end collision and repairs engine stalls without warning upon stopping anything to reset after accident was not doing this before collision?

I don't know if this is the same problem but I had a 98 Olds Cutlas Calais that was doing the same thing. Turned out that the torque converter lock-up solenoid was bad. A $20 part that cost about $80 to have installed. Essentially, the part allows the engine to idle at a lower RPM until it gets movi (MORE)

How do you replace the head on a 22R engine?

Replacing a head on an engine is a very complicated task. Most likely, any answer you would get here would not be enough information for you, unless it was a book in length. You should go purchase a manual for that, either a Chilton's manual, or Haynes. Your best bet is to take the vehicle to a shop (MORE)

What repairs do I need for a water damaged engine?

this depends on wht was damaged. pretty much if engine was flooded,you need to drain all oil from engine.you need to allow all electrical components to completely dry.chane oil and air filters.refill required engine oil level.start engine. it might run a little smoky and ruff for short time while it (MORE)

What is the main idea of the poem The Wreck of the Hesperus?

The main idea of "The Wreck of the Hesperus" is the horrible deathof an innocent, a young maiden who froze to death on tied to themast of a ship in the storm. A secondary idea is to accept theadvice and warning of others or you will walk into your doom.

What is a wreck?

Normally the term wreck is used to describe a situation when two objects, at least one being a vehicle, try to occupy the same space at the same time, also known as an automobile accident. "Wreck" can be when two vehicles collide with each other or if one vehicle collides with another object such as (MORE)

2001 Subaru Forester and the check engine light came on what you need to know is this something that should have been replaced when you had the head gasket repaired?

You can't exactly pinpoint what caused the check engine light to come on without retrieving the trouble codes. Take your vehicle to AutoZone or similar auto parts store that offers free diagnostic scans and have the trouble codes retrieved and explained.. But first... check your gas cap. A loose ga (MORE)

Was the Titanic the largest ship wreck ever?

no it was not. it was the empress of Ireland that happened around the same time as the titanic. Actually in terms of total tonnage (ship and cargo) the largest shipwreck in history was the Kowloon Bridge which sank with a full load of iron ore and oil. In terms of loss of life it was the Wilh (MORE)

How do you replace a rear engine mount on a 2001 Hyundai Elantra?

Raise the vehicle and support it securely on jackstands.Support the engine . Remove the mount and bracket bolts and detach the mount and bracket.The body to bracket bolts for the transaxle mount are accessed inside the left front wheel well;remove the four protective caps to access the bolts.The cr (MORE)

Was there any dogs on the Titanic when it wrecked?

Yes, there were a number of dogs aboard the Titanic when it sank. Unfortunatley, many died. However, a few were saved, and there is even a rumor that a dog was found swimming in the water, and was rescued.

Check Yourself Before you Wreck Yourself?

Definition of "Check yourself before you wreck yourself" :Take a step back and examine your actions, because you are in a potentially dangerous or sticky situation that could get bad very easily. Often in a harmful manner.

Does putting antifreeze in the gas tank wreck a car's engine?

It might because antifreeze is at least 50% water, and it's wellknown water is not compressible. If you have sufficient amount ofwater in tank, it will end up in the combustion chambers and duringone of cycle you can bust your pistons, or rods or everythingtogether. . That's not so. Petrol (or gaso (MORE)

How do you wreck a car engine?

push it in neutral at 70 mph or greater. Or drain all the oil or coolant out of the vehicle and drive around your block several times.

Will gas wreck a coonecting rod bearing if pu in diesel engine?

It absolutely could. A diesel engine does not use spark plugs to fire the fuel mixture. It uses extremely high compression. Gas is much more flammable than diesel and will ignite at a much lower compression ratio. If you put gas in a diesel the gas will fire before the piston is actually at top dead (MORE)

How much does it cost to repair a head in an engine?

Short answer: It depends on your engine, and your make of vehicle, like if you owned a Mercedes, it would cost more than if you have a Chevy. The Whole Story: Typically, when a head gasket blows, it blows because of a much more severe underlying problem. Gasket kits (the 'parts' required to s (MORE)

Do you need to replace your engine if your head gasket is cracked?

It is generally unecessary to replace the entire engine if your head gasket is cracked. You will have to remove the head and take it to an automotive machine shop. Have them inspect it to make sure it's lower face is flat and if not have them mill it. They should also inspect the valves and replace (MORE)

How much water needed to wreck a ps3?

Not very much, water and electronics don't mix. If you have enough to short it out because it was turned on is a different amount than if it was off and you do things to remove the water. No amount of water is good and even a slight amount can start to corrode and wreck it later