02 Hyundai accent gas will not go into tank?

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Chances are you have contaminated the charcoal cannister by overfilling fuel tank. New cannister, I am told is about $180. Pull gas nozzle part way out of filler neck and fill slowly. This might work.
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Why would a '96 Hyundai Accent constantly leak oil and when you step on the gas will not accelerate?

I've just examined the engine block on a friends 98 Accent and found the source of what appears to be quite a major oil leak to be caused by corrosion on the lower front left hand side of the engine block (as viewed from the front) has caused the neck of the dipstick tube to part from the block itse ( Full Answer )

Where is the flasher in a 1997 Hyundai Accent?

If you are looking for the flasher relay, it is in the passenger compartment relay box located just above the fuse box on the driver's side. It is easy to access by popping out the plastic piece that holds the dash light dimmer switch. there web site is supposed 2 b FREE------ www.hmaservice.com Th ( Full Answer )

Where is the fuel regulator on a Hyundai accent?

Answer . \nthe fule regulator or pressure regulator is situated on the left hand side of the fuel rail do not remove unless you realy have to as the fuel rail is under pressure.

What are some reasons for your 2001 Hyundai Accent to be burning lots of gas and reving high?

Mine is doing exactly the same thing. Is your check engine light on? Mine is constantly. What I have discovered is: 1. One of my Oxygen sensors is bad (bank 1 sensor 2, heater circuit) whatever that means. That's what the code is in the computer. 2. It does not shift into overdrive. Make sure the ov ( Full Answer )

Who sells Hyundai Accent parts?

lots of companys sell parts for accents, but if u want aftermarket parts have fun trying to find them

Gas mileage Hyundai Accent?

Depending on driving habits I've seen anywhere from 23-42mpg. Most average around 28-30 in the city and 35-37 highway.

How do you Siphon gas from a 2002 Hyundai accent We have a gas leak and I need to get the gas out to fix the tank I keep getting blocked by something before I get to the fuel?

I don't thnk you will be able to siphon it, the modern gas tanks are viryually siphon proof. You need top drain the gasoline from a pipe that is connected to the fuel pump that runs from the fuel pump back to the fuel tank, then it can be darined off while engine is running and pump is sucking fuel ( Full Answer )

Where fuses Hyundai Accent 2001?

I have 2000 accent, my fuse box is to the left of your feet as you sit in the drivers seat, on the side panel. There should be a small door. Hope this helps you out.

Where is the ecu on a 2002 Hyundai accent?

where is the ecu for a 2002 Hyundai Accent?: this computer is located under the dash, left side. can't miss it, just look under the dash. bolted in with 6mm bolts, use 10mm socket to remove. Make sure you disconnect battery first if you decide to remove it or replace it.!

Will the 02 Hyundai Accent engine fit an 02 Kia Rio?

No they will not directly interchange. Hyundai did not start using it's engines into the Kia Rio until late 2005 at the launch of the 3rd Gen Rio. The 1st (2001-2002) and 2nd (2003-2005) Kia Rio's use a variation of the Mazda B6 engine.

1999 accent gas tank wont fill fast?

check your vaper can if cloged will not let vaper exit tank while filling pulled mine cleaned uncloged it and lines to it problem solved.

Cant get gas to go in fuel tank?

I have to put gas in my car a little at a time. It will act as if it is full and spit gas out. sounds like a blockage in fuel tank vent system. check ford dealer for no listed recall items its free someone might have removed fuel tank for a fuel pump and pinched the vent for tank. when putting tank ( Full Answer )

Where can you go on one tank of gas in Oklahoma?

That would depend on where you were when you began your trip. If you were in the Oklahoma Panhandle you coul travel through Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas and return to your starting point within a couple of hours with gas left over.

Why is my Hyundai accent getting bad gas mileage?

Lets say you go 52 miles on a full tank of gas (which is a 8 gallontank). The gas tank will lose a quarter tank of gas from the trip.So, 52 divided by 2 =26. The trek was both highway and citycombined. The Hyundai Accent is getting 26 mpg, not 40, which wasthe reason Hyundai reimbursed purchasers of ( Full Answer )

Where is the fuse box on a Hyundai Accent?

The fuse box is on the driver's side, on the bottom wall to the left of the pedals. There should be a plastic cover with a latch to open.

Does 2cycle oil go in gas tank or oil tank?

it depends if its a older bike you may have to put premix in (mix of oil and gas) in the tank if its a newer bike it will have oil injection and you only have to put oil in the oil tank and it mixes with gas in the carb, in any case try to get a manual for the bike in question it will tell you what ( Full Answer )

How much does a Hyundai Accent weigh?

A Hyundai Accent weighs approximately 2,500 pounds depending on theyear and configuration. This is the low-end model of sub-compactcars produced by Hyundai.

How far can a motorcycle go on a tank of gas?

First off if you know your MPGs and How many gallons your tank holds that's makes it really, really simple. If you don't know either of those well.. there's an easy way to figure it out. Lets Start first with how many gallons your tank can carry. upon approaching E and when the light comes on or any ( Full Answer )

How much would it cost to repair a leak in gas line on a Hyundai accent?

It can be as cheep as you would like to be. If you take the fuse out for your fuel pump and run your remaining gas outta the line, you can buy a small pipe cutter and or saw and cut out the section that is bad and replace it with the proper rubber hose and a couple clamps. Just be careful not to cre ( Full Answer )