02 Monte Carlo ss has low coolant level warning light?

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Check coolant level in recovery tank Perhaps a bad sensor. Sensor located in coolant recovery tank
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Why low coolant light wont go off in 97 Monte Carlo even after topping off coolant with water?

There are a few possibilities 1) your resivoir tank is cracked and leaking 2) your sending unit is covered in gunk or corroded 3) your sending unit is defective and needs replacing 4) you are leaking coolant from somewhere (bad hose, bad gasket, bad joint, etc) Water is an acceptable quick fix, and ( Full Answer )

Where is the coolant temperature sensor located in a 1985 Monte Carlo ss?

Answer . Its on a part called the "gooseneck". follow the upper radiator hose to the engine. It hooks to the gooseneck which houses the thermostat. The sensor will have a wired plug hooked to the top.. This is an incorrect answer above. The temp sensor is in the driver's side head,between #1 & 3 ( Full Answer )

What might cause the low coolant light to flash sometimes or stay on when coolant levels good and a new water pump installed on a 99 Monte Carlo 3100 The thermostat opens and the fans light off?

Answer . Defective low coolant sensor.. Answer . Be aware that the sensor can be good but just clogged up. Have you ever put stop leak junk in your cooling system? If you did you have now learned a $50 lesson on what NOT to do to your car!! Sensor part #10096163 about $50 from GM.\nBut first ( Full Answer )

How do you reset the low tire pressure light in a 2000 Monte Carlo SS with a aftermarket radio?

I can reset my 2002 Tire Pressure light with the following step: 1. turn the ignition key from Acc to on then back to Acc twice. 2. turn your head light switch on and off three times. This should reset the warning light. The change oil light can be reset by pressing on the gas peddle three times in ( Full Answer )

How do you reset the warning lights on the interior of 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo?

I hate to answer a question with a question, but it would help to know which ones are on. The oil change warning is done by putting the igniton switch to the run/acc position. Run/acc position is just before the start position. Then push the gas pedal down and up 5 times methodically within 7 second ( Full Answer )

Where is the coolant temperature sensor on a 2001 Monte Carlo SS?

TEMP Guage Not Functioning I'm definitely not an expert, however my 2000 Monte Carlo SS has been having a TEMP guage problem causing the check engine light to turn on for days, then out of no where it would "fix" itself and turn off. The TEMP guage would stop functioning and the car SEEMED to be ru ( Full Answer )

In your 2000 Monte Carlo SS why do the dash lights work sometimes and not others?

Answer . I'd look at the headlight switch.. Answer . I have looked into the headlight switch and that did not work, and I have checked the fuses and that did not work too. But when you wiggle some wire they come on, but then they go out again... Answer . Well, I'm no mechanic, but I think ( Full Answer )

How do you shut off the 'low tire' pressure light on a 2000 Monte Carlo SS?

Resetting a Low Tire Light \n. \nThe settings and resest to those settings can be found on your factory radio. If you have an aftermarket radio, you'll have to see your dealer to reset it. Otherwise, press and hold the "tune" knob (under the volume knob). You'll notice on the radio display, it wi ( Full Answer )

Why is low radiator warning light on in 2000 Intrigue even though coolant reservoir is at proper level and not leaking - what is burping procedure?

Answer low radiator light on Probably a bad low coolant level sensor. Sensor is located under the thermostat housing. Frequent problem with the Olds Intrigue Answer The sensor for this vehicle is built in to the coolant reservoir. So just swap out the sensor? Not on this vehicle; the senso ( Full Answer )

How do you reset the Low Coolant light on a 2002 Monte Carlo SS after you filled the coolant reserve tank and the radiator is full?

Answer . \nThere are no insturctions in the manual. I did find that once coolant was added it went off. My just came on again and after awhile it went off. I am troubleshooting now. My problem is either a bad sensor or it could possible be low in the resevoir. I have yet to check. If you still h ( Full Answer )

How do you reset the low tire pressure warning light on a 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo SS?

Answer . AFTER you inflate the tires to the correct pressure, turn the ignition to the on position. Then pull the headlight knob from the OFF position to the parking light position three times. This should reset the system.. This is the easiest way but you can also reset it through the radio.. ( Full Answer )

How do you get the Engine coolant sensor off of a 2001 Monte Carlo SS Ive tried about everything you can think of the exhaust and engine mount are in the way?

You are so in luck as I just finished that exact procedure... First, remove the radiator cap, assuming the engine is cooled down, and then the plastic engine cover by unscrewing the oil filler cap. Next, make sure you have some appropriate anti-freeze. Disconnect the posiitve terminal of the battery ( Full Answer )

Why does a 2001 Monte Carlo ss dash lights work only some of the time?


Why is ABS light on and traction off in 2002 Monte Carlo SS?

Problem with the ABS. The Traction Control is off because it uses the ABS to control traction. As this is part of the TC system it has also shut down. Have the problem with the ABS repaired by a professional and both will start working again.

How do you reset the low coolant light in a 2001 Monte Carlo ss?

With the key in the ingnition and either acc or start position (engine not running) pull the fog light switch out and then back in 3 times, you should then hear a beeb to let you know it reset. Might have to do it a couple of times until you hear the beeb.

Could a dimmer switch be the problem if you have no dashboard lights in your 2002 Monte Carlo SS?

I had the same problem with my 01 Monte. I went to school for auto body, i am very smart, and I couldn't figure it out. I took things apart, have the factory manual etc. One holiday I was going home from my sisters house and my wife said that my rear lights were out. For months they were off and it ( Full Answer )

96 Saturn SC1 low coolant light but coolant level not low?

after doing some reading i realized this is somewhat of a common problem. the low coolant level and temp light flashing at the same time. well my car started to do this so i started reading on possible ways to fix it. i removed the coolant tank, filled it up with water and soap and shook it for a go ( Full Answer )

What is a 1987 Monte Carlo SS worth?

There is a lot of things that determine the value of a car. Stock,anywhere from nothing to six thousand dollars. Mods,anywhere from burn it to ten thousand. It really depends on the car and the buyer.

How do you rest the low tire pressure light in a 2002 Monte Carlo ss?

Turn the headlight switch from off to parking lights to off 3 times within about 5 seconds, or you can use the radio to enter the interface. Hold the tune/disp while the radio is off but with ignition on. Use the FFD/REV and Seek keys to navigate along with the tune/disp button. Obviously much easie ( Full Answer )

1996 impala ss low oil level light?

When the low oil level light comes on, it means that the car has alow level of oil. This means a person needs to add oil to theircar.

How do you trun off service vehicle soon light on 01 Monte Carlo ss?

get rid of it, and buy a better car - 2001 monte carlo is riddled with computer glitches that even the GM folks cannot figure and wash their hands of all such mysterious problems. dump it and get a vehicle that is thoroughly understood, especially by their makers.

How do you reset the oil change light on 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo SS 3.8l?

Turn the key to on (not start) and when the dash lights come on quickly press the gas pedal to the floor three times in less than 5 seconds. This should reset the light. If not, try it again. If you have the drivers information panel you will have to go through the reset on it as described in your o ( Full Answer )

How do you reset oil and coolant level warning lights in 325i?

Push the check button on the active check control panel located above the rear view mirror. If the light does not go out then either the levels of oil and coolant are low or the sending units are failing. The oil level sending unit is located below the alternator and the coolant level sender is loca ( Full Answer )

What does the ss mean in Monte Carlo?

Super sport, basically the higher end Monte Carlo. Ls is luxury sport. Typically SS models have a sportier look like spoiler etc with all the power accessories and a better motor but personally I like the ls models from 86-88 better...has 10x more chrome

How can i tell if my 1986 Monte carlos an ss?

A true SS of that vintage would have a "G" in the 8th character of the VIN signifying the L69 4BBL 305ci (5.0L) High Output V8, which was unique to the SS. .