02 Pontiac Montana stalls when put in drive Also in 2ND Runs fine in reverse and low?

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I have same problem.
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Why would 1969 Pontiac LeMans stall when you put it in drive and reverse?

What kind of engine and transmission? Could be a faulty Idle Air Control if injected or a need for idle speed adjustment for a carburated engine. If the transmission has a loc

1998 dodge ram van it starts fine but when you put it in drive or reverse and start to drive it stalls out now you had just replace the plugs and air filter what would be wrong with it?

Answer . \nMy 96 Van was doing the exact same thing. I had the van in to do some work prior to setting it up to tow a trailer when it was discovered the engine mounts and

86 Pontiac 6000 stalls when put in drive or reverse?

Answer . If the engine is running smoothly befor this, then read on... This is a very common problem. You have a faulty TCC solenoid. I have replaced this sensor with ver

Ford Festiva runs fine in park but stalls when you put it in drive?

Possibly, an air intake issue... Check your air system, mainly the hose/pipe coming from your airflow meter for cracks etc, when moving from park to drive, the jolt can be eno
In Toyota Corolla

Why would a 87 Toyota corolla run fine in park and neutral but stall in drive and reverse and Also changed fuel filter and plugs and air filter and oil and filter and PVC?

First of all, does this happen ALL the time? Or only when you are fighting with your significant other? My ex used to work for a car dealership, and when ever she and her (for