02 Pontiac Montana stalls when put in drive Also in 2ND Runs fine in reverse and low?

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I have same problem.
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Why does my car stall when it goes from reverse to drive?

A few more questions before I can give you a better answer - a. does your car have fuel injection or a carburetor? (If you aren't sure: do you have to warm it up and or pump the gas to start it? If so, it's got a carburetor.) b. Under what conditions do you have the problem? (Walk me thru a typical ( Full Answer )

Why would 1969 Pontiac LeMans stall when you put it in drive and reverse?

What kind of engine and transmission? Could be a faulty Idle Air Control if injected or a need for idle speed adjustment for a carburated engine. If the transmission has a locking torque converter, it may be stuck in locked mode instead of waiting for the proper high gear and speed conditions.

1991 Chevy lumina you am driving down the road the car is running fine and then of all the sudden the motor starts to sputter and stall on you it will them crank back up put it into gear then it stall?

Answer . \nLook for a missing or broken rubber vacuum cap on the front side of the air intake. There is a vacuum port that can cause a vacuum leak while the engine is running, if it is uncovered. It will appear to run fine for about 15 minutes from a cold start and then suddenly start to stall an ( Full Answer )

How do you keep your 1987 Chrysler Lebaron from stalling when you put it in reverse or idle It just kills at red lights Also digital dash is dead and battery drains because fan always running?

I can only answer part of this question.The fan does run continuously when you use it. I had the same problem.You just have to make sure you slide the lever all the way off every time and make sure it is off when you leave the vehicle. I had my dash replaced because everything went dead.The dash rep ( Full Answer )

Why does your 1999 Saturn SL2 jump when put in reverse and drive and when gears shift also?

Check your transmission fluid level. Pull into a gas station or someplace very flat and put the car in park, and with the engine running pull the transmission dipstick, wipe it clean, insert it into the tube and pull again. The level should be on the dipstick in the band between L and H. You are ( Full Answer )

1998prism what is problem when engine runs fine in neutral andpark but misses in drive and reverse?

Answer . With mine the spark plug tube gasket broke and one of the spark plug tubes was flooded with oil.. Also try changing the sparkplugs.. Answer . With mine the spark plug tube gasket broke and one of the spark plug tubes was flooded with oil.. Also try changing the sparkplugs.. Answ ( Full Answer )

Why does an auto vehicle run perfectly when its driven but stalls in reverse and drive at take off?

More to the Question Just a bit more information to my question above. The car was only working on two cylinders or pistons. That has been repaired and the car now works good.When I put the car into drive or reverse I have to keep my foot on the accelerator and on the brake. Once the car has taken ( Full Answer )

1998 dodge ram van it starts fine but when you put it in drive or reverse and start to drive it stalls out now you had just replace the plugs and air filter what would be wrong with it?

Answer . \nMy 96 Van was doing the exact same thing. I had the van in to do some work prior to setting it up to tow a trailer when it was discovered the engine mounts and transmission mounts were nearly tore apart. The engine was just resting on them. I never gave it any thought until a few days ( Full Answer )

What causes a 1993 Grand Am with a 3point3 to stall when you come to a stop but you can put it in park and it starts right up and runs fine until you put it in drive again?

Answer . \ni'm answering my own question here,but i found the answer right here on FAQ. If this exact thing happens to you it's the torque converter clutch selonoid or tcc selonoid. On a 3t40 transmission it can be changed with the tranny still in the car,but with a 4t60 tranny, it has to be rem ( Full Answer )

Why would a 1995 Pontiac Sunfire stall when coming to a stop from highway driving but not on regular street driving restarts fine?

there is a part on the transmission called the torque convertor solenoid ..intown driving your car is not moving very fast,out of town or freeway driving your creating alot of heat ,the torque convertor solenoid is going out ,soon it will stall intown also as it gets worse.you can have it replaced o ( Full Answer )

86 Pontiac 6000 stalls when put in drive or reverse?

Answer . If the engine is running smoothly befor this, then read on... This is a very common problem. You have a faulty TCC solenoid. I have replaced this sensor with very simple tools (a 10 mm socket, a rachet, a gasket scraper, a T15 or T20 Torx driver, and replacement parts). It took me abou ( Full Answer )

Why would a 1993 Barretta run fine when first started but later stall when stopped and restart in park but stall again when put in gear?

Answer . This is usually caused by a faulty (sticking) VCC (also called TCC) lockup solenoid. This is also called a torque converter solenoid or a lockup solenoid. To verify, unplug the four-wire connector facing forward at the top driver's side of the transaxle and find that it doesn't stall, b ( Full Answer )

What makes a 1999 Pontiac Montana van engine stall while driving?

My 1999 Pontiac Montana would seem to "skip a beat" while driving. It then started stalling and restarting, all while driving at highway speeds. My mechanic found that an electrical cable that carried an engine sensor signal was leaning against a hot part of the engine. The cable insulation had melt ( Full Answer )

2001 s that will not shift to 2nd runs fine in first and reverse?

assuming you have an automatic transmission, the most probable cause of your shifting issue is a faulty valve body. The valve body houses the control solenoids for shifting. The valve body also directs fluid to its correct location when needed. there are some instances when replacement of the soleno ( Full Answer )

1998 Polaris Explorer It runs fine but when you put it in reverse it acts like it is going to stall out and does not seem to engage Why is this happening?

This is a safety feature that polaris has on all their vehicles. It is to ensure that you will not achieve high speed in reverse as it is very dangerous. You must find the "reverse override" button. While you are in reverse, hold down the button and you will be able to go full blast in reverse and e ( Full Answer )

When you put on a performance intake on a 96 eclipse it stalls and die and wont start but when you put stock intake back on it runs fine why?

Your vehicle's MAF sensor has to be a part of the intake system. If it isn't in place, your car's computer can't determine the proper amount of fuel to deliver to the motor, making it either run bad or not at all. If it is in place with the intake, then your car just doesn't like it. You could try d ( Full Answer )

Why does my 92 Cavalier with auto transmission run in park but when placed in drive or reverse it stalls It has to start in neuteral then shifted in to drive or reverse so it can run without stalling?

You have to unplug the electronic speedometer sensor located on the top rear of the transmission. It can be reached from above but its easiest to find with a lift. I have a 1990 cavalier and it has the same issue. I think its a problem with the sensor module that the speedo reader plugs into.

Ford Festiva runs fine in park but stalls when you put it in drive?

Possibly, an air intake issue... Check your air system, mainly the hose/pipe coming from your airflow meter for cracks etc, when moving from park to drive, the jolt can be enough to largen a crack and cause air to be sucked through and bypass the flow meter, stalling the engine... this may be worsen ( Full Answer )

Why does a 1991 Pontiac grand am stall when put into drive?

I had the same problem with my 1992 grand am after it got warmed up. Once it cooled down it would go just fine. I determined that the torque converter lockup solenoid was bad and would not disengage once the transmission got hot. It will seem like you are dropping the clutch when you put it in gear, ( Full Answer )

Why would a 87 Toyota corolla run fine in park and neutral but stall in drive and reverse and Also changed fuel filter and plugs and air filter and oil and filter and PVC?

First of all, does this happen ALL the time? Or only when you are fighting with your significant other? My ex used to work for a car dealership, and when ever she and her (former) ex were fighting, she would "disable" his car with a little dirty mechanics trick: she would open the hood of the car, ( ( Full Answer )

Car stalls when put in drive?

Could be many things. But some things to check/replace might be... -fuel filter -fuel pressure -TPS -IAC