03 Ford Focus will not accelerate?

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I think its broken
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Why do the lights on your 03 focus flash?

\nI think its some kind of thermionic fuse or resistor, maybe behind the glove compartment. A cheap item.\n. \nI saw the answer before, it is not available now as far as I se

Why '03 Ford Focus OD light on?

The od light means that the over-drive is off. Pushing the little button on the shifter selector will turn it on (when the dummy light is not on) and off (when the dummy light
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What do the symbols mean on the 03 ford focus fuse box?

Ok everyone who is asking this question and is told to go to the owners manual and look, you are being told the wrong pages. The correct pages (and I don't know why it is loca
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Why does your Ford Focus TDDI MK1 shake whilst you accelerate?

If it's the engine, you probably need a tuneup. This consists of new spark plug wires and plugs. Do NOT gap the plugs. If you do, you will ruin the platinum coating and they w
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Why does your 2012 Ford Focus accelerate when hitting the brakes to stop?

The 2012 Ford Focus has a dual-clutch automatic transmission - this is basically a manual transmission that shifts automatically (more efficient, but also much different from