03 Nissan Sentra will not accelerate?

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you probably blew your MAF sensor on the intake. its $550 at any Nissan dealer. good luck. and don't install no other "cold air intakes" on your car. you wont get anything out of your car with those.... look it just cost you 550 dolllars
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Where is the starter in a 1991 Nissan Sentra?

Answer . \nThe starter in a 1991 Nissan Sentra is located on the driver's side of the engine compartment. It is easily spotted down in the gap between the engine head and the air intake and battery areas... It looks like a fat cylinder at the top of the engine and transmission joining.

Where is fuse box on a Nissan Sentra?

Answer . Located in the passenger compartment near steerling wheel. Pull panel to see the fuse box. which one is for the radio?

Where is the thermostat located on a Nissan Sentra?

Follow the bottom hose to the thermostat housing on the front side of the engine. There should be two 10mm bolts. remove the bolts, pop the cover off, and remove the old thermostat. Scrape the old Gasket off, if any. Then reverse the procedure, putting the new thermostat in. As an added protec ( Full Answer )

Where is starter on Nissan Sentra?

the starter is connected to the bellhousing (the part of the transmission that connects to the engine) and sits above the tranny but on the fire wall side. October 2007. This answer is incomplete. The bolt heads to unbolt the starter on the Sentra are located on the left side of the engine under ( Full Answer )

How do you change the boots on a Nissan Sentra?

Answer . From the images I've seen, the plugs appear to be buried in the valve cover like many Hondas and Toyotas. Pull the wires and use a small std spark plug socket and a 6" extension. Buy standard NGKs, gap per specs, use anti-seize and turn the extension BY HAND until the plugs are fully thr ( Full Answer )

What is code PO1148 on a Nissan Sentra?

Answer . \nP1148: CLOSED LOOP CONTROL (1.6L Models only)\n. \nOverall Function Test- Start engine and wrm to operation temperature. Using voltmeter, measure voltage between PCM harness connector terminal No. 46 (positive lead) and No. 43 (negative lead) by backprobing connector. Monitor voltmet ( Full Answer )

How do you fix an accelerator cable on a 1996 Nissan Sentra?

My son's '97 Nissan Sentra did not have a cable but a VSS(vehicle speed sensor). His odometer and spedometer did not work at all. We replaced the VSS and it now works. We bought the VSS for about $20 from car-stuff.com and my son and his friend put it in in about a 1/2 hour once they figured out whe ( Full Answer )

Where is the thermostat on a 1997 Nissan Sentra?

Answer . Follow the bottom hose around the back of the engine and over to the passenger side. This hose ends up almost directly behind the front/top hose (where the thermostat should be...but that would be too easy). Unbolt 3 bolts holding the housing on, pop off the housing, and the thermostat s ( Full Answer )

Where is the carbuerator on a 1997 Nissan Sentra?

The 1997 Nissan Sentra, like almost all passenger vehicles made since the late 1980s, does not use a carburetor. It uses fuel injection. Instead of mixing air and gasoline in the carburetor, then forcing that into the cylinder, the air is forced into the cylinder by itself, then gasoline is squi ( Full Answer )

Where are the belts on a 97 Nissan Sentra?

On 4th generation Nissan Sentras (1995-1999), as well as almost all front-wheel drive cars ever made, the belts are on the right side of the engine, almost against the right side of the engine cavity.

Nissan Sentra clock?

The cost of a Nissan Sentra clock varies slightly by the year ofthe car and retailer. As of 2014 the clocks range in price of 24.99to 49.99.

What causes poor acceleration rough idle with 1994 Nissan sentra?

you probably have a dead cylinder, most likely from a bad spark plug wire, but there are many other possible causes ranging from a fouled plug to a burned valve.etc OR...a plugged/dead fuel injector..SIMPLE to test (could try several rounds of techron in your gas) Testing and changing a bad fuel i ( Full Answer )

What is a U Joint on a Nissan Sentra?

The Nissan Sentra is a Front Wheel Drive(FWD), and as such has no u-joint. Since the engine is transversely(sideways) mounted, there is no driveshaft to connect from the transmission to the axe housing. Instead directly fromt he transmission outdrive there are a pair of halfshafts which go out to th ( Full Answer )

Nissan Sentra VIN localitation?

Driverside bottom of the windshield, driverside door panel, and there may be on on the hood in the engine compartment

Alternator 93 Nissan Sentra?

See the following: Chilton's Auto Manual - Mechanically inclined. Hayne's Auto Maunal - for slower people. See Also: Local Mechanic...

Where is the thermostat on a 93 Nissan Sentra?

Our 2003 Nissan Sentra themostat lasted 82,000 miles, getting it back today...big$$$ HRMOKeefe@aol.com If you follow the top radiator hose back to the top of the engine, that is the thermostat housing.

Is there a firewall on a 1994 Nissan Sentra?

Yes, all modern vehicles have a "firewall". This is simply the divider wall (part of the car body) between the engine compartment and the passenger compartment.

Where is Nissan Sentra fuel filter?

depending on what model you have it should be mounted on the next to your window wiper motor when open the bonnet look at the right top corner it will be mounted to fire wall separating the engine compartment and passenger comparment hopefully this makes sence

Where is the computer location in a Nissan Sentra?

You opened your mouth too soon besauce both the focus and colbolt out performed cars of higher price tags. did you know the origional focus was german made and has 148 HP and for a ford thats not big. Engien size in the focus isnt very big nore is in the chevy colbolt. The Cobalt is cheap and it is ( Full Answer )

Can you put a Rb26 in a Nissan Sentra?

Yes you can put a RB 26 in a sentra, It's gonna cost you about $10,000 in Fabrication plus engine and electrical, for the right price you can do anything, the domestic boy have been putting V8s in Chevy luminas, ford focus and a few others I've seen over the years.

How many miles can you get out of a Nissan Sentra?

It depends on how you take care if it. How often you change the oil and filter. What type of oil and filter you use. when you change the air filter gas filter and how you drive. If you drive in the city or open road. Light foot or heavy foot. So as you can see, it depends on you. Do everything rig ( Full Answer )

Where is the obd port on the 03 Nissan Sentra?

obd port is below and to the left of the steering column (inside on driver's side, of course) on the bottom edge of the dash. If you bend down you can see it. -Ken

How do you set the clock on a Nissan Sentra?

2005 Nissan Sentra 1.5 S: Press and hold the Clock button on the radio. When the hour numbers start flashing, *press the UP or DOWN arrows until the correct hour is displayed. Press the CLOCK button again and the minutes will start flashing. Repeat from * to set the minutes. Press the CLOCK ( Full Answer )

Where is the Nissan Sentra made?

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What does Sr mean on a Nissan Sentra?

There are four trim levels: S, SV, SR and SL. The base model S hasair-conditioning, full-power accessories and an auxiliary audiojack. The SV doesn't add much in the way of standard equipment, butrather increases the availability of options. The SR is essentiallyan SV with sporty design elements, wh ( Full Answer )