03 Saturn vue is there an abs sensor on back wheels?

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If the car has ABS there will be sensors there, byt ABS is optional. Here is a picture of the hub if it has it http://www.1aauto.com/1A/wheel-bearing-hub-rear/Saturn/Vue/1ASHR00057/1052199
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How do you remove a Saturn Vue dashboard?

Information for this answer was found on saturnfans discussion forum. This seems to cover removing the center part of the dashboard covering the radio, hvac controls, etc. Overview This manual covers the removal and installation of the factory radio into the 2004 Saturn VUE. This task require ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the front wheel bearings on a Saturn vue?

There is a detailed description of how to do this at the following URL. It is for a Saturn SL2, but should be similar for your Saturn Vue. . http://www.ehow.com/how_5014553_replace-wheel-bearings-saturn-sl.html

Where is the O2 sensor on a 2003 Saturn Vue 4 cylinder?

2003 Saturn vue 4 cylinder O2 Sensors: The oxygen sensor that is refered to as bank 1 sensor 1 is located on the drivers side of the exhaust manifold, you can see it if you look directly down from above the rear of the motor... looks like a spark plug with wires coming out of it... lol. If y ( Full Answer )

How do you replace a headlamp on a Saturn Vue?

Check your owner's manual first in case yours is different for some reason. Open the hood. Remove the bolt holding in the yellow light (side marker) housing. I did not have to completely remove the side marker housing, but it had to loose enough to allow the headlamp housing to come out. Remo ( Full Answer )

How do you remove a wheel hub on a 2002 Saturn Vue?

i have done this job and its a pain in the butt big time. first you pull the tire and the get the brakes and caliper and bracket off. then you need to pull the tie rod end with a puller which you can rent from the store and you will need a axle pusher which you need to get a larger one then a normal ( Full Answer )

Where is the Saturn vue made?

Answer . From 2002 to 2007 the Vue was manufactured in Spring Hill, Tenn. Starting with the 2008 model the Vue will be manufatured in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico.

What type of fuses do Saturn vues have?

My Vue uses the smaller blade fuses, I believe that are called mini-bus fuses. There is a larger version used in a lot of Ford products that will not fit in your Vue. If you look in your fuse blocks you should find a few spares provided from the manufacturer.. Good Luck.

When you turn the steering wheel it makes noise on my Saturn vue?

If it is a whining noise, the vehicle is low on steering fluid or the power steering pump may be going bad. If it is a clicking noise, the CV joints may be going bad. NOPE a Saturn vue has electric power steering and no pawer steering pumpA Saturn vue has 4 stabilizer links and they are made of p ( Full Answer )

How do you change wheel bearing on Saturn vue?

The axle nut will need to be removed. You will want to do that as the first step unless you have an air gun that can pull the nut off. From there the brakes will need to come off. hen look on the inside of the steering knuckle. There will be three bolts. These are what holds the bearing in, apart fr ( Full Answer )

Why is there a groaning noise on the 2003 Saturn Vue when turning the wheel and how can this be fixed?

I have an 02 and it moans when I steer (right in the column, not further under the hood) too.. This happened after it was nearly completely undriven for a couple of years except for occasional Sunday forays to take my mother-in-law to church.. I have been driving the moaning-mobile for a year stea ( Full Answer )

Where is the mass air flow sensor located on a 2002 Saturn Vue?

I have the same problem since mine needs to be replaced. From what my wife's mechanic told her, it plugs into the side of the air take assembly (that's the black hard plastic thing on top of the engine that connects the air filter to the engine itself. Good luck in trying to get at it to change it - ( Full Answer )

What signal does an ABS wheel sensor send?

The ABS wheel sensor sends a signal that the car might be introuble. If the car is sliding or feels like it might spin out ofcontrol, the brakes are automatically cut on.Ê

How do you replace a rear wheel ABS sensor on a Peugeot 307?

I did this today,and it's pretty easy once you've given the bolts a good soak too free them up.Chock the front wheels, as the work needs to be done with the handbrake off.Remove the rear wheel,and rear caliper,you'll see a small flush fitting screw in the brake disc,remove this,you might have two op ( Full Answer )

Where is crank sensor 2002 Saturn vue?

On the 2002 Vue with the v6 engine, the sensor is on the side ofthe engine. The sensor is right beside of the oil filter.

How do you replace front wheel bearing hub Saturn vue?

My 2004 Vue would've been fairly easy but over time the bearing/hub melded itself to the swing arm. Had to take it in so they could beat the crap out of it to get if off. Total job $124.00 (pretty cheap) and 5 hours of cussing and swearing from me trying to do it myself in December in Michigan....!! ( Full Answer )

Where is a Saturn vue o2 sensor?

there's 4 ho2 sensors total 2 of them are on the front of the engine and the other 2 are on the back of the engine

Where is abs wheel sensor in Lincoln town car?

The anti-lock brake control module is located in the engine compartment on a bracket that is attached to the radiator support .. It is an on-board diagnostic non-repairable unit consisting of two microprocessors and the necessary circuitry for their operation. These microprocessors are programmed i ( Full Answer )

Why does your Saturn vue shake when you accelerate?

If you're not experiencing a cylinder misfire-check engine light should come on-then it's a transmission issue.. Visit your dealership-there is extended special coverages for vue models on transmission replacement. Might be there a while though it's usually on national back order. But as long as the ( Full Answer )

Why Saturn Vue has sloppy steering?

\nBecause with AWD the rear wheels kick in until the front wheels have solid traction. Refer to owners manual, I had the same question, because i never drove and AWD, until I got a VUE. I guess it's called torque steering.

Saturn vue 03 cooling fan consistantly running?

The on-board computer senses a problem with the engine. A general fault condition is registered which keeps the cooling fan running regardless of temperature until the code can be cleared from the computer. The general fault code means the problem is not deterministic. It happened on my 03 Vue afte ( Full Answer )

99 F-150 Can the ABS wheel sensors be tested?

Yes, but it takes a special test module that isn't cheap. Go to a good mechanic and have them test it. It doesn't take long and in the long-run it's cheaper that buying a tool that you may never use again.

How do you remove abs sensor to rear wheel Peugeot 307?

remove road wheel and with a long 5mm Alan key insert straight through the disk until lined up with sensor and remove........hey presto 10mins a side! no need to remove calipers or pads like peugeot say!

What's wrong when ABS and brake warning lights are on in a Saturn Vue?

I am currently having this same issue with my 03 Vue, and I got a diagnostic done (twice). The issue seems to be the BMC. Initially, I had the same issue as you, but over about the next year, my gauges started to bounce and the powersteering goes in and out. My SERVICE light also lit up and my A/C s ( Full Answer )

How do you change a starter on a Saturn vue?

1. Remove the negative battery cable. 2. Remove wires on the starter. 3. Remove the two mounting bolts. They have 15mm heads. (The top bolt is hidden and hard to get to.) You may have to remove the solenoid (on top of the starter) to get to it. 4. Remove starter Replacement is the opposite of the r ( Full Answer )

Where is rough road sensor in a saturn vue?

The Right Front ABS wheel speed sensor is also used as a rough road sensor to assist the knock sensor in dectecting weather there is a knock from engine or bump from the road in order to adjust the spark and fuel.

How many o2 sensors on 2004 Saturn vue 4 cylinder?

There are 2 O2 sensors. One is in the front (bank 1) before the catalytic converter, between the exhaust manifold and the catalytic converter, and the other is in the rear (bank 2) after the catalytic converter and is screwed in. The front one is heated and the rear is not. That means after the car ( Full Answer )

Where do you find crank sensor on 2003 Saturn vue 6 cylinder?

The V6 in the Saturn VUE is sideways (FWD) vs. the version used in the Cadillac Catera (RWD). On the Saturn, the crank sensor is mounted on the front side of the engine, sort of near where the trans mounts to the engine. Pretty easy to change.

Can wheel bearings be lubricated on Saturn Vue and other similar models giving problems. Lubrication through the hole for anti-lock sensor?

No you can not Lubricate the front wheel bearings, They are factory SEALED bearings. Must REPLACE the bearings with new ones. IF the bearing is noisy then the balls inside are damaged. Lubrication will do nothing to help. Replace only You don't Get it! The question was to address lubricating t ( Full Answer )

How do you reset the abs light on 2003 Saturn vue?

The ABS light is on because there is a problem with the system. Until the problem is fixed the light will remain on. Once the problem is fixed the light will reset itself.

Where is the knock sensor on an 03 Saturn vue 3.0?

There are two knock sensors on the 3.0 The location depends on which year model you have. Best found from underneath. On the 2002 and 2003, one is on the front of the engine block and the other on the rear. Look underneath the exhaust manifold. The trouble codes refer to #1 and #2. My guess is ( Full Answer )

Is the Saturn Vue good on gas?

The miles per gallon for the Saturn Vue varied by the model of the Vue in question. For example, the Vue 6 cylinder, 3.5 Liter engine got a combined 18 MPG, as opposed to the 4 cylinder, 2.4 Liter engine which got 28 MPG combined.

Why does noise occur while turning the steering wheel on a Saturn VUE 2010?

A scraping, ticking noise up high in the steering column is normally caused by the SIR coil. This is a coiled flat wire for the air bag. The noise does not harm anything. You have to replace the SIR coil. If the noise is down low, this could be due to a bearing in the steering column, or may even be ( Full Answer )

What is the cost for a 2007 Saturn Vue?

The cost of a 2007 Saturn Vue can vary widely depending on many factors including the condition and mileage of the car. According to MororTrend, the average resale value stands around $10,692 in excellent condition. However, a Saturn with 22,000 miles can sell for as high as $13,000 while one with o ( Full Answer )

How do you replace starter 03 vue?

Disconnect the battery negative. Put chocks on the back wheels toprevent them from rolling, and set your parking brake, as well.Unless you're as thin as an Olympic ice skater, you'll probablyneed to jack up the front. Do that, and either use jack stands, orlet the front tires rest on some wood block ( Full Answer )

Will a serpentine belt that breaks and wraps around the crankshaft and breaks the timing belt hurt the motor in a 03 Saturn vue?

I'll try to answer this clearly. First of all if the timing beltbreaks it can hurt the engine. A value can be open when it shouldclosed and it can be hit by the piston. The serpentine beltbreaking and wrapping around the crank shaft is HIGHLY unlikely tocause the timing belt to break. The crank shaf ( Full Answer )