03 gmc Yukon with cluster problems gauges do not work all warning light on and has unknown driver displayed interior lights do not work?

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Lock the truck, then unlock it at the door with the key. Also look for pinched wires under driver seat harness.
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What could cause all the gauges and most lights in the instrument panel of a 1998 Jeep Wrangler not to work if changing the fuses did not solve the problem?

Are the gauges mechanical or electrical? (LED DISPLAY) If it's both the gauges and the lighting, i'd use a voltmeter and probe the circuit where the fuse is that you replaced. Check to see if voltage is flowing thru. If it isn't, then there's a break in the circuit somewhere... and the hard part sta ( Full Answer )

The interior light do not work on a 1997 Dodge Neon what could be the problem?

The Gauges and Dash Lights have a fuse called "Illum / Guages". The fusebox located by the driver door should contain the fuse. If you look at the back of the cover of the fuse box it will tell you what fuse to check. The Dome Light (the light on the roof) has a fuse inside the engine fusebox.

How do you correct a problem with tail lights and dash gauges not working on a 98 Chevy Malibu?

if you have recently installed a new stereo deck this may be why: there is a wire that dimms and brightens the display on your stock stereo (which is connected to your dash and tail lights) and most after market stereos do not have a place to wire this in, so some time the wire is just pushed back i ( Full Answer )

What would cause the gas gauge not to work on a 1999 GMC Yukon Denali?

Answer . \nThe gauge could be bad,\n. \nthe fuel gauge sending unit in the gas tank as part fo the fuel pump could be bad\n. \nyou could have a bad ground wire\n. \nyou could have a broken wire in the harness runnign from the fuel tank to the gauge.

What could be the problem of all interior lights not working if the fuses look good on a 2001 Mercedes-Benz C240?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nBoy, I'm racking my brain as I remember having this problem on my '98, but can't remember what it was!\nSomething like ignoring service cycle or that weird security system reset maybe?\n. \n Answer \n. \nthere could possibly be a short in the wiring or a bad gr ( Full Answer )

Light not on switch or gauge for 4wd on 2002 Trailblazer What is the problem 4wd not working?

Answer . I had the same problem on my 2002 Trailblazer back in summer of 2004. I noticed that my light wasn't lit up either. I took it in to the dealer and was told that my four wheel drive hadn't been working probably since the day I purchased the car (new). This alarmed me since I had just ( Full Answer )

How do 1996 gmc Yukon brake lights work?

The 1996 GMC Yukon brake lights work by receiving power from thebrake light relay switch. The brake light relay switch is connectedto the brake pedal.

Why are the interior lights not working on your 1994 Suburban?

Answer Check the fuse Check the control switch on dash (if any) labeled with a light bulb symbol My Interior lights worked when I turned them on manually with the roll switch, but when I set the switch to neutral and placed the auto switch to on, so that when the doors were opened the light sho ( Full Answer )

2002 gmc Yukon abs and brake lights are lit on dash noise from outside vehicle under drivers seat brakes work fine abs does not work?

The ABS Control Module is out. Common problem on GMC. I have a 2001 GMC Yukon that I just fixed. Here is how: Thanks to one of the other forums for this information. I tried this solution and it worked great. I had it back in under a week. The hardest part was removing the module which is in a tric ( Full Answer )

2004 jeep grand Cherokee the power windows will not work and the interior lights will not go out and the power door lock on the drivers door will not work?

You most likely have a broken wire in the harness that runs from the body to the drivers door. The wires like to break near the door hinge in that black boot. Here's how to fix the problem: Remove the black boot by lifting upward and pulling away ROM the door. You will most likely find a thick bla ( Full Answer )

Why would my Volvo S60 gauges and warning lights not work ie fuel gauge rev counter speedo temp gauge and all warning lights clock mileomoeter etc work about 10 of the time?

Just been to the dealer with the same problem. Turned out that it's a diode behind the dash and apparently it can't be replaced on its own, i.e. I will need to get a new dash installed at a cost of £600. Second hand dashboard is not an option because when the dash is installed the dealership says ( Full Answer )

All my dashboard lights went out as well as the ehadlights brake lights and interior lights. Power locks and windows are not working as well?

this happened with me when my astra went to get head light bulbs changed car also lost power, no electrics worked. I got mine put on a diagnostic and it was traced to an electrical fualt that can only be picked up on diagnostics. My best advice to you is to go to your local garage and get them to ( Full Answer )

Your gauge interior light and back taillights do not work?

You have a front marker light harness that is wore and shorting out against the frame , between the bumper and the frame.You will have to fix the broken wire and tape the black tube in place that protects the wire.FUse is under the hood in the fuse box on passenger side

How do you make sure the warning lights work?

you press the hasid lights botten then get out and chek If you are referring to your system fault warning lights, i.e. the service engine soon light or your traction control lights, when you start the car you should see these lights come on. What they are doing is checking the system computers and ( Full Answer )

Interior and back up lights not working 03 Chevy Express van?

just happened on my 06 chevy express van. found answer in earlier question for an 07 van: fuse block under hood. driver's side. number 18 TCB#2. replace the fuse. there is an under-engineered ground in the reverse circuit. if you back up with the dome lights on, it could blow the fuse.

Why did your radio and interior lights quit working?

These are on the same fuse as well as the dashboard clock and if you look along the bottom row of fuses, there is a 7.5 amp fuse( brownish color) around the middle of the row. This fuse will need to be replaced and the accessories should be fine. If the fuse blows again, get it checked as replacing ( Full Answer )

The interior light doesn't turn on when the driver door opens and the radio doesnt turn off on a 2001 gmc Yukon?

the Yukon has a dome overide switch located next to the headlight switch it has a little light bulb drawing on it that controls if the interior light works or not radio stays on for 5-10 minutes after car is shut off by design unlss door is opened. if radio still stays on when door is opened and lig ( Full Answer )

My lights radio interior lights and my engine all stopped working at the same time on a 95 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme how do you trouble shoot this electrical problem?

I had a very similar problem on my 95 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme. After hours of pain staking work I finally found that a wire was loose. The wire is coated red and is beneath the fuse box on the drivers side directly behind the windshield wash tank. There is an eyelet on the end of the wire and one ( Full Answer )

Why do all your lights work but your brake lights?

Uh...I would first check to make sure your bulbs are not blown. check brake light fuse. If still no trace wiring fro brake lights back. Hope this helps. You might also check the brake light switch on brake pedal.

How do hazard warning lights work?

A flasher relay interrupts power to the hazard lights making them flash. The relay can be a dedicated relay or it can be the same relay that operates the turn signals. Depends on the make, model, and year of the vehicle.