04 CTS how to replace bulb for fog light?

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Turn your steering wheel to allow room for access. Remove fender liner. Look inside bumper towards the fog light, reach in then twist and pull the bulb out. The bulb size is 3157
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How do you replace the fog light bulb in an '01 Pontiac?

If it's like my '00 Grand Am- (I assume the GP and Bonneville are similar) jack the car up, and remove the splash guard under the front end; some of this is part of the wheel well, so you might want to remove a front tire. Get under the car and I believe it's held on with a hand-screw. Or... if you (MORE)

How do you replace the fog light bulbs on a 2002 Pontiac Firebird?

I suspect they are like my 1999 Firebird. You have to go up from underneath. There is a panel that opens and then you have to reach in through that panel. When you feel the rear, twist it slightly and it will unlock and come loose. Be careful not to handle the new bulb. Oils from the fingers will me (MORE)

How do you replace a fog light bulb on a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville?

To properly access the fog light the inner fender shield (plastic) has to loosenedbut not quite removed. The fog light is behind the panel that is the front piece of the shield. Bulb is an industry 880 halogen and twists out of the lamp housing. The fender shield is retained with clips that have a c (MORE)

How do you replace a fog light bulb on a 2002 Mazda Millenia?

I replaced the one on the passenger side. You have to remove the plastic undercover first to access it. There is a larger bolt that holds the housing in place. It needs to be removed to pull the housing out. once you get this out its pretty easy, its just getting into the thing that is the problem.

How do you replace the bulb in the fog light of a 2001 E320?

changing fog bulb in 2001 e320 Mercedes find access panel under bumper of fog lightturn 2 screws half way around and access door opensreach inside and pull off black cover (held by one clip on bottom) (if car is on the ground, be ready to get your head underneath so you can see what your doing, if (MORE)

How do you replace the fog light bulbs on a 2004 Maxima?

The only way I found was to remove the entire front bumper! First, I tried removing the head/fog light assembly. Once you pop the hood, there are 2 screws in the top of the assembly, but something was still catching on the bottom. Next, I removed the wheel and the wheel well plastic, but still (MORE)

How do you replace the fog light bulb on a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant?


How do you replace the fog light bulb on a 1998 Corvette?

Answer I believe its a 893 bulb. You need to remove the headlight shroud that covers the headlight.(3 Screws) This will have to be done when you turn on your headlights. You can either leave the headlights on and perform the replacement. Or you can turn on your headlights and disconnect them so the (MORE)

How do you replace a fog light bulb in a 2005 Subaru?

Answer . \nYou will have to access the fog light bulb from below the vehicle. Remove the plastic clips from the wheel well cover extension that is below the fog light. Once the clips are out and the plastic cover is pull down, you should be able to see the back of the fog light. You can try to r (MORE)

How do you replace a 2003 Subaru Forester fog light bulb?

I have a 2002 Subaru Forester. After reading all the comments, I thought I would go to an auto shop and do it. Given when I called the auto shop, it was $30 to install the bulbs. So I went into the owners manual and see what they are saying and compare all the advices. Below are the steps and it too (MORE)

How do you replace a fog light bulb on a 2000 Infiniti I30?

Answer . If you look under the bumper in the area of the fog lamp, you will. see a plastic cover preventing access. There is about a 2 " hole in this cover.. If you look into the hole you will see a screw head. This is the fog lamp assembly screw. You must remove it to remove the assembly to ge (MORE)

How do you replace the fog light bulbs in a 2002 Jeep Wrangler?

The main headlight is a sealed component. BUT the LAMP is replaceable in the fog lamps. Just do a simple part check on kragen or something like that.. Answer . You can't. The lights are a sealed component. They're also a bit pricey. Sorry. . If the fog lamps on the 2002 are the same as on my (MORE)

How do you replace a fog light bulb in a 2002 Mazda Protege?

1: remove the negative battery cable. 2: Unscrew the mud guardunder the fog light and bumper and push it back. 3: push the entireassembly out, by pushing in the metal 'pins' on the side of thehousing one at a time. 4: When the assembly is pulled out, thereare two screws that you'll need to unscrew a (MORE)

How do you replace the fog light bulb on a 2002 ford escape?

This is the answer for a 2001 and it works on my 2002 also. First, determine which style bulb you need, some catalogs say 899 series, but mine was an 898. there are 3 bolts for the front of the splash shield, you will need a ratchet and 10mm socket. Remove just those 3 bolts and bend that shield do (MORE)

How do you replace the fog light bulb on 2002 Subaru Impreza?

There are three small bolts located around the fog light, assuming you do not have any extra covers, remove the unit by those phillips/hex bolts. There is a small screw for adjusting the light Do not mess with that unless you need to re-aim the light. On the back side of the cover is a twist center (MORE)

How do you replace the Fog Light Bulbs on a 1997 Dodge Neon?

Answer . To replace the fog light of the passenger side you need to remove the fog light bolt and pull out the fog light assembly, then you can remove the bulb and put a new one in. To replace the fog light on the driver side you will need to remove the front bumper cover so you can remove th (MORE)

How do you replace fog light bulb on 2001 Toyota Celica?

Answer . The easiest way may be removing the entire bumper and then light assembly as described and shown here: http://www.toyotacelicas.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=9135 I did not believe this at first, but on my 2000 Celica, I can reach in through the opening by the radiator and twist o (MORE)

How do you replace the fog light bulb in a Mazda miata?

Courtesy of ehow.com: . 1. Park the vehicle on a level surface away from traffic. Loosen the lug nuts of the front wheel on the side of the Miata that has the blown fog light. Block the rear wheel on that side of the vehicle with both wheel chocks. . 2. Lift the front of the vehicle with the j (MORE)

How do you replace fog light bulbs on 2004 VW Beetle?

1) Headlight removal: L ook under the hood to the front sides of the engine bay and unlatching the headlights. Unlatch the hooked metal clip that wraps around the headlight, and then lift the lever upwards while gently pulling at the lens from the front of the car. Once pulled forward unlatch (MORE)

How do you replace the light bulb in a 2001 frontier fog light?

it's easy just done it last night. unplug the wiring harness that goes to the fog light and then there is a bolt on the bottom of the fog light take it out and push the fog light forward and the hole assembly comes out just take off the back and change the bulb. my truck is a 2001 Nissan frontier sc (MORE)

How do you replace the fog light bulb on a 2001 Hyundai XG300?

Its a pain in the butt.... there is a plastic shielding on the underside behind the foglite which is water shielding for the front tire. There are removeable plastic rivets holding the shielding in place. Getting at all of them is nearly impossible for the average do-it-yourselfer. Getting at enough (MORE)

How do you replace fog light bulbs on 2002 Corvette?

To install the new bulbs, raise the hood and raise the headlights. Unhook the battery for safety. Look down between the rear of the headlights and you will see the wires that attach to the fog lights. Put your hand down in that space and twist the bulb mount. You should then be able to pull the ligh (MORE)

How do you replace a fog light bulb on a 2005 infiniti G35?

Google it. There's a complete DIY guide with pictures on how to do it. Quick rundown: 1. (Optional) Lift the front of the G35 and place it on jack stands. Remove both front wheels, place them under the car if you don't have jack stands. -If you don't do this then turn your wheels to which directio (MORE)

How do you replace the fog light bulb on a 2001 ford explorer?

Go to Ford Dealer.. Ask service manager to replace fog light.. Wait untl it is fixed.. Pay delaereship service department for repair.. Go to Ford Dealer.. Ask service manager to replace fog light.. Wait untl it is fixed.. Pay delaereship service department for repair.

How do you replace a fog light bulb in a 1993 camaro?

It's not easy. You can replace the bulb two ways. The easy way is to raise the car and disassemble the lower fascia cowl and get to the back of the fog light housing from that angle. That's about 22 bolts. The preferred but dangerous way is to remove the plastic push pins from the two sides of the f (MORE)

How do you replace Fog light bulb in a 2004 RX8?

You will need wheel chocs, jack, jack stand, philips screw driver No.2, 8 mm socket/wrench, 21mm to remove wheel. Begin by chocing your wheels (use a brick or big rock if needed) front and back opposite to the side you are working on. Loosen, but DO NOT remove your lug nuts on the side with the burn (MORE)

How do you replace a fog light bulb in 1993 300zx?

remove the side marker light assy Phillips screws, the assy will slide out. you then have access to the three 10mm bolts holding the fog light assy in. remove then and push out the fog light assy. then remove the four Phillips screws from the corners of the fog light to separate the assy. then chang (MORE)

How do i replace Fog light bulb on a 98 beetle?

I have a 2005 New Beetle, I assume the round fog lights under the front bumper are the same. Replacing the bulb is very simple... First, don't disconnect any wires from the back of the fog light housing. The back of the housing, it's black in color, turns counterclockwise to remove. The entire housi (MORE)

How do you replace fog light bulb for 1997 Dodge Intrepid?

Remove the two screws at the top of the fog light in the front. . Undo the two tabs holding the cover on to the backside of the fog light. . Disconnect the wire on the bulb and remove the metal clip that holds the bulb in place. An instructional video has been included below.

How do you replace a fog light bulb on a 2003 sonata?

You'll need to remove the black body trim in the wheel well and underneath the corner of the front bumper to access the back of the fog light. If my memory serves me correctly it can be done through the bottom panel if you bend it firmly and risk shoving and scratching your arm.

Replace fog light bulb on Pontiac 2001 Grand am?

first remove the black pull tabs and take off the black plastic cover (this lays across the front covering the headlights). then remove the headlights by pulling up on the two metal tabs on each end of the light (may need plyers). then look down under where the headlight were and you will see the (MORE)

How do you replace the fog light bulb in a 1991 prelude?

First you have to take out the blinker/parking light to get to the fog light, each fog light has 4 screws around it (don't touch the one on the side that's gold) undue the 4 screws and pop it out, then you have the bulb exposed and you can replace it.

How do you replace the fog light bulb on an 1999 Audi?

open engine bonnet and you will see the headlite back openning you will unlock the back base cover by pushing down the metal lock . the outer bulb is for the low beam h3 bulb and the inner bulb is for the hi beam , the is a smaller bulb for the park lite bulb to remove this you will be needing a lon (MORE)

How do you replace fog light bulb on 2002 windstar?

There is a single Phillips head screw at the top of the fog light. Unscrew it and the fog light assembly will pull out. Rotate the harness counter-clockwise and the socket will come out of the light, exposing the bulb. Assembly is the reverse. Thanks!

How do you replace fog light bulb on 2005 legacy gt?

Raise the vehicle Remove the plastic surrounding the folg light with a flat head screw driver. Using a cloth to prevent paint chipping. Remove the plastic screws/ keepers holding the plastic covering between the front wheel and the bumper. This plastic will fall down. there are 2 8 mm nuts/p (MORE)

How do you replace fog light bulb in Pontiac Bonneville 2005?

The best way that I figured out is to take the wheel off and take off the screws off that attach the fender well to front bumper (there is about 5 of them) and go through the fender well so then you will be behind the foglight. I think it beats taking all those screws or snaps along the bottom

How do you replace a fog light bulb in a 1998 infiniti i30?

1997-1998 I30 replace fog lamp. 1. Jack up car. 2. Remove phillips head screw under outside fender, remove bottom most plastic retaining clip towards the front inside of the wheel well, remove 10mm bolt under car connecting engine under-tray and fender under-tray. 3. Gently bend plastic back towa (MORE)

How do you replace the fog light bulb?

I have an older Passat - 1996 - and replaced a fog light yesterday. I was a little tricky, but not hard. A) Check you owner's manual. My car came with an extensive manual, which pretty much told me what to do. B) My not apply because my car is older, but for mine I pried off the 'middle' lens and th (MORE)

How do you Replace 2003 subaru baja fog light bulb?

The bulb is accessed from under the car. Do not attempt to remove anything on the face of the bulb. Here is what I did today: 1. There is an undercarriage cover that is held in place by plastic retainers. To remove the retainer and still be able to reuse it, you'll need to pry up the center of the (MORE)

How do you replace 2006 subaru legacy fog light bulb?

Turn wheel in for easier access. Remove the two clips that hold the lower mud guard to the bottom of the bumper cover & move mud guard for access. Remove connector. Remove rear fog light cover by rotating counterclockwise. Remove spring clip & replace bulb. Re-install cover & connector. Verify opera (MORE)