04 Pontiac Bonneville and the service stability system light is on Why?

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Stability system needs service?
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How do you replace a fog light bulb on a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville?

To properly access the fog light the inner fender shield (plastic) has to loosenedbut not quite removed. The fog light is behind the panel that is the front piece of the shield. Bulb is an industry 880 halogen and twists out of the lamp housing. The fender shield is retained with clips that have a c ( Full Answer )

Why would a 1998 Pontiac Bonneville check engine light come on?

Answer . \nThe computer has detected a problem that effects the emissions controls. After having the computer scanned and the problem corrected, they will reset the light.. Answer . \nI've had problems with the check engine light on my 98 Bonneville. You have to make sure that the gas cap is ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the brake light bulb located on a 1990 Pontiac Bonneville?

brake light bulb --replacement 1990 pon . replacement of brake light bulb-- open trunk, look on inside of back of tail,brake light housing, there are retaining plastic screw on nuts, maybe covered by trunk lining of fabric. remove retaining nuts and push housing out, have someone to press brakes ( Full Answer )

What does service stability system mean on a 2001 Aurora?

Answer : This light normally comes on for a problem in the ABS system. A scan of the computer will be needed to check for trouble codes to find out which system is having a problem.- TechJK . ---------------------------------------. The "service stability system" light kept coming on periodicall ( Full Answer )

How do you reset low tire pressure light on a 2003 Pontiac Bonneville?

On the dash to the right of the DIC screen there are three buttons, Mode, Select, and Reset. First, push the Select button until the DIC shows the screen for Tire Pressure, once there hold the Reset button for five seconds. While holding the Reset button for five seconds the DIC screen will go from ( Full Answer )

1996 Pontiac Bonneville stalls often at stop light and excelling?

I also have a 1996 Pontiac Bonneville (se 3.8 liter engine). It also stalls often, although I have not completely fixed it. All I can do is offer what I have done (tried to do) to repair my problem and compare it to what you've done to yours. I had multiple mechanics look at my car , and offer their ( Full Answer )

How do you reset change oil light on 04 Pontiac?

Answer . there are 2 ways, they changed methods around that year, turn the key on, engine off, and push the gas pedal to the floor 3 times within 5 seconds and the light should flash or beep when reset, or key on engine off, open the fuse panel door on the left side of the dash, press the red re ( Full Answer )

How do you reset theft system 98 Pontiac Bonneville?

If the key for the Pontiac has a security chip in it as well,simply wait about fifteen minutes without doing anything and thenyour car should start. If the key does not have a security chip youmay have to remove the battery to reset the system.

How do you replace a brake light in a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville?

i have a 2002 Bonneville also. and to replace the bulb you have 3 bolts inside the trunk you have to unscrew and then the whole fixture will pop out towards the outside and you will have easy access to the whole fixutre. Hope i explained it well enough. any questions, feel free to email me at ... be ( Full Answer )

Why would the abs traction control variable power steering and stability control service lights all come on at the same time on a 2004 Pontiac?

The problem could be that the Electronic Brake Control Module has gone bad. I have a 2001 Grand Prix GTP which the EBCM has gone bad, which in turn has killed my ABS and Traction Control, and has also affected the variable assist steering. As I understand it, the EBCM is tied into all the hydraulic ( Full Answer )

What does Service Stability System mean on a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville ssei and how do you repair it?

It means that one of your sensors related to the stability of the car is registering a problem. It could be anything from steering wheel position sensor to your anti-lock brake system, or even speed control sensor on any of your four hubs. You will have to take it to a qualified dealer with an appro ( Full Answer )

How do you replace a tail light bulb on a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville?

You have to remove the back black cover held on by 4 clips that look like luggage clips. Once you remove those you have to lift cover, that will give you acess to 3 nuts that relase back cover then you have access to bulb connections.

Service engine soon light on a 1993 Bonneville?

There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired.

How do you service the stabilizer system on 2001 Cadillac?

I think the best answer is, YOU DONT. My warning message has come on at least 10 times since I bought the car a 2001 Cadillac Seville STS. It just shuts off and doesnt come back for months. Could be electrical problem, as my gas guage is never accurate and goes up and down on its own, had all instru ( Full Answer )

How do you replace fog light bulb in Pontiac Bonneville 2005?

The best way that I figured out is to take the wheel off and take off the screws off that attach the fender well to front bumper (there is about 5 of them) and go through the fender well so then you will be behind the foglight. I think it beats taking all those screws or snaps along the bottom

How do you drain the brake fluid out the whole brake system of a 93 Pontiac Bonneville?

First, you should get 4 clear glass bottles. . Second, attach 4 hoses to the bleeder screws of the wheel cylinders at the rear and bleeder screws on the front calipers.1 hose for each bleeder screw. . Third, open up the cover on the master cylinder and try not to get any dirt etc in the opening of ( Full Answer )

How do you reset 04 Pontiac alarm system?

I have pontiac grand am 2002. I reset alarm by leaving key fully on for 10 minutes until " security" light stops flashing. turn off key and wait for 15 seconds. Car will restart. Easy but annoying. Good luck

Why my brake light won't go off on my car i have a 1998 Pontiac Bonneville?

Brake Light Bulb Troubleshooting (check in this order): · Check Fuses · Check Bulbs - Including 3rd Brake Light · Check Relay(s) · Check Light Switch(es) · Check license plate light bulb and wiring · Check trailer hitch wiring harness · Check all wiring harnesses and w ( Full Answer )

How do you remove light bulb for high mount brake light on a 1998 Pontiac Bonneville?

1998 Pontiac Bonneville center high mount stop (third 3rd brake light) bulb replacement: Purchase the correct replacement center high mount stop (third 3rd brake light) bulb(s) first, before disassembling the vehicle. See sources and related links below for replacement bulb information. Then consult ( Full Answer )

How good is a Pontiac Bonneville?

That's a very subjective question, that has lots of potential answers based on general reliability, comfort, performance, etc., but for simplicity's sake, I'll assume you're referring to general reliability and I'll limit my comments to the most recent generations (1992-1999 and 2000-2005) of the ca ( Full Answer )