04 ford mustang lug pattern interchange with Chevy impala lug pattern?

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No, hole spacing is different
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What is the lug bolt pattern on a 1991 Chevy astro van?

I believe they are 5 on 5.5... No...that is incorrect. Ford uses the 5x5.5" "Bolt Pattern" on their 1/2 ton trucks/vans etc. The Bolt Pattern for Chevy Astro and GMC Safari Vans are 5x5". Which is the same as GM Full-Size 1/2 ton 4x2 trucks/vans and some full size (RWD) passenger cars..

Does a gmc sonoma lug pattern interchange with another lug pattern?

The GMC Sonoma 4x4 uses a 5x120.7 lug pattern, their are many wheels that will interchange with the Sonoma and S-10. Camaro, Corvette, El-Camino, Caprice, Impala, Le Sabre, Trans Am, and various models by Jaguar are just a few examples of interchangeable wheels. Any wheel with a 5x120.7 lug pattern ( Full Answer )

How do you measure wheel lug-bolt pattern on 1999 Ford Taurus?

I acquired a '99 Taurus sadan 6-months ago and unfortunately had a flat. I then discovered the spare donut does not fit the bolt pattern on the car. What size and criteria information do I need to look for? The only criteria I couldl find was 5H108 (5 Lug, FWD, 108mm edge of bolt to center of 2nd bo ( Full Answer )

What is a trailblazers lug pattern?

There is no pattern, but you should do it the same way you do it with any vehicle...work by tightening one lug, then do the one across from it, then the one across from that, etc...the idea is to get an even pressure.

What is the lug pattern on a 2004 Chevy Tahoe?

1/2 TON BLAZER/ JIMMY SUBURBAN/ TAHOE /YUKON 2X4 00-06 15x6(7) 6x139.7 14x1.5 78.3 L 1/2 TON SUBURBAN/ TAHOE /YUKON 2X4 07-UP 16"-20" 6x139.7 14x1.5 78.3 M/H 1/2 TON BLAZER/ JIMMY SUBURBAN/ FULL SIZE 4X4 71-91 15x7 6x139.7 7/16-RH 78.3 L TAHOE/ YUKON DENALI/ FULL SIZE 07-UP 17"-20" 6x139.7 14x ( Full Answer )

What is the lug pattern for a 1979 Chevrolet Impala?

if you're tightening the lug nuts on the wheels: 11 o'clock to 5 o'clock to 9 o'clock to 3 o'clock to 7 o'clock. do not do in a clockwise motion the rim will tighten off balance

What is the lug pattern of a Chevy truck?

Depends, Half ton 2wd and Half ton 4x4 are different. Two wheel drives are 5 lug, and 4x4s are 6 lug, Except the newer 1/2 ton hd, the 2wd hd's are 6 lug, same as 4x4. 1/2 ton 2wd- 5 lug spacing I believe is a 5" 1/2 ton 4x4- 6 lug spacing 5.5"

What is the lug pattern for a 2000 Mustang?

MODEL - MUSTANG YEAR - 94-on. OE SIZE - 15 X 7. BOLT - 5X114.3. LUG NUT - 1/2-RH. CB -. ET - M/H . MODEL - MUSTANG. YEAR - GT 94-on. OE SIZE - 16 X 7.5. BOLT - 5X114.3. LUG NUT - 1/2-RH. CB - 70.3. ET - M/H . MODEL - MUSTANG GT (OPT.), COBRA. YEAR - 97-on. OE SIZE - 17 ( Full Answer )

1995 Ford Ranger lug pattern?

Ford ranger Lug nut patterns are all the same from 1984 to current. They are all 5 lug on a 4.5" bolt circle. Rim Back spacing differs between years though.

How do you measure lug patterns?

On a five bolt pattern measure from outer edge of one bolt then across to the middle of another skipping one bolt hole( not quite the diameter). On six or four bolt patterns measure across from bolt center to bolt center as you would the diameter if it were a circle.

What is the lug pattern of Dodge Caliber?

The standard star pattern used on most street cars. It is similar to drawing a star in points, all the lugs must be tightened or loosened opposite from each other.

What cars have a 5x4.75 lug pattern?

1963 Chevrolet Belair 1998 Land Rover Range Rover HSE ALL S-series Chevy and GMC 2x4 and 4x4 (S-10 pickups, blazers, jimmys)

What is the lug pattern on a1991Chevy caprice?

Technically the lug pattern reads out at 5x4.27 if you look it up online, but its actually 5x5. I have a 1991 Chevy Caprice Classic, and this caused me some problems when I first buoght it.

What Ford products would have a 5 lug x 5.5 inch bolt pattern?

Basically all Ford midsize and full size cars and light trucks utilized the 5x5.5 bolt pattern, because Ford only used (for the most part) a single 5 lug bolt pattern. I know GM used a 5x5.5 and 5x6.5 bolt pattern quite often, but Ford mainly used the 5x5.5. The Ford Rangers, F150 of the 1/2 ton set ( Full Answer )

Lug pattern on a 1994 ford ranger?

The lug pattern for a 1994 ford ranger is 5x4.5. It is the samepattern that ford and dodge have used for years.

What cars have a lug pattern of 5x4.75?

chevy products: camaros - 82+ corvettes - 68-96 el caminos - 64-87 s10,sonoma, blazer - 82+ g series vans - 71-96 Cadillac: Most 76-85

What is the lug pattern 1971 charger?

5x4.5 in, or 5 x 114.3 (mm). same as most full size mopars,late 60s early 70's also same bolt pattern for Mustangs (most) mid 60s up to 74 Chevy's mid size of this era 5x4.75 in

What cars have 4x100 lug pattern?

Acura INTEGRA 86-01 14 X 6 Audi 4000 79-84 14 X 6 Audi 4000S 76-84 13 X 5.5 Audi 80,90 QUATTRO To '87 13 X 5.5 Audi COUPE 79-84 14 X 6 Audi FOX 76-84 13 X 5.5 BMW 318,325 84-91 14 X 6 BMW 320,323 79-83 13 X 5.5 BMW 1600, 2002 thru 86 Buick FWD Century 82-85 Cadillac Cimarron 81-8 ( Full Answer )

How do you change lug bolt pattern?

You would need a set of bolt on adaptors for the pattern you need. I've seen them that changed from a four bolt to a five bolt pattern. Not sure where to find them though.

What is the lug pattern on a 1999 Chevy S-10?

For a 2WD:. Bolt Pattern (mm), (in) : 5x120.7, 5x4.75 , Offset (mm): -13 to 20 ,. Wheel Size Range : 15x6.0 to 20x8.5. For a 4WD:. Bolt Pattern (mm), (in) : 5x120.7, 5x4.75 , Offset (mm): 34 to 50. Wheel Size Range : 15x6.0 to 22x9.5

Lug pattern on a 1988 Chevy S-10?

The 1988 Chevrolet S10 pick-up in 2WD came factory equipped with195/75/15 radials. The S10 bolt/lug pattern of that year was 5-475.

Does all mustangs have a 5 lug pattern?

On '79 to '93 models, all were equipped with 4 lug wheels with exception of the '93 Cobra R. All '94 and newer models came with 5 lug wheels. No! A general rule of thumb is, if the engine has 6 cylinders, it will have 4 lug rims. If the engine has 8 cylinders, it will have 5 lug rims. The excep ( Full Answer )

What is lug pattern for 98' Chevy s10?

The wheel lug tightening pattern is the same for all 5 lug wheels. Go either way skipping every other lug until they are all done.

What cars have 4x108 lug pattern?

Ford cars: contour 95+ escort 81-90 escort exp 81-85 focus 2000+ mid size car 78-88 (ie fairmont, t-bird) mustangs 79-93 tempo 83-94 Mecury cars: capri 80-88 cougar 99+ mid size cars (grand marquis, cougar, etc.) 81-87, 95-96 Merkur xr-4ti 78-85 sable 83-94 topaz 92-94

What cars have 6 lug pattern?

All 1/2 ton configurations built on the GMT900 frame (pick-ups and full size SUVs) have the same 6 bolt pattern