04 ford mustang lug pattern interchange with Chevy impala lug pattern?

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No, hole spacing is different
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What is the lug pattern of a Chevy truck?

Depends, Half ton 2wd and Half ton 4x4 are different. Two wheel drives are 5 lug, and 4x4s are 6 lug, Except the newer 1/2 ton hd, the 2wd hd's are 6 lug, same as 4x4. 1/2 to

What is the lug pattern for a 2000 Mustang?

MODEL - MUSTANG YEAR - 94-on. OE SIZE - 15 X 7. BOLT - 5X114.3. LUG NUT - 1/2-RH. CB -. ET - M/H . MODEL - MUSTANG. YEAR - GT 94-on. OE SIZE - 16 X 7.5. BOL