04 hummer h2 transfer case fluid type?

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dexron VI
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What type of fluid do you need for a manual 1989 F-150 transmission and transfer case?

Answer . \nthere are 2 types of 5-speed transmissions the mazda 5-speed uses dexron 2 or higher ex. dexron 3 is higher. the other 5-speed is a zurich or the german made, wich is the better of the 2 and i know it takes oil not transmission fluid what kind i dont know. as for the transfer case my 8 (MORE)

What is the difference between a Hummer H2 and a hummer H3?

A H2 is bigger and uses a Vortec 6.2L V8 engine 393 hp @ 5700 rpm cast aluminum block and cylinder head and is considered a fullsize SUV considering it is based on a Chevrolet Tahoe chassis. The H2 also comes in a truck form called the H2 SUT. The H2 is 81.2 inches wide and 79.2 inches high. A H3 (MORE)

Type of fluid in 1999 silverado transfer case?

it uses a brand by acdelco, and you have to order it from a dealer. its called auto trak 2. if you don't use this specific fluid it will mess up your transfer case, i learned the hard way. and they wont recomend it until you've already had problems , that's how they make their money, good luck, it r (MORE)

What type of transfer case fluid do you use in a 2000 jeep grand Cherokee?

ATF dextron III or equivalent..hope this helps...good luck.... Mopar® Transfer Case Lubricant is the only lubricant recommended for the NV247 transfer case. Approximate fluid refill capacity is approximately 1.6 liters (3.4 pints). Recommended lubricant for the NV242 transfer case is Mopar® (MORE)

What kind transfer case fluid in GMC sonoma 2000?

There are multiple fluid brands that fulfill the specifications forGeneral Motors transfer cases. As of September 2014 the most recentGeneral Motors fluid, which is also downwardly compatible for thisapplication is AC Delco Auto-Trak II, part#10-4017 88900402.

How much is a hummer h2?

Depends on the year model you're asking about. The last model year produced which was 2009 has a value around $50,000.

How much does a Hummer H2 weigh?

The weight varies slightly based on model year, but the approximategross vehicle weight of a Hummer H2 is 6,600 pounds. It is lighterthan its predecessor, the Hummer H1.

How fast does a Hummer H2 go?

I reckon whoever wrote those answers are wrong. A Hummer H2? Going 350 km/h? Rubbish. Closer to 150 mph, or about 230 km/h. Approximately. 217mph 217mph 217mph

What type of fluid do you put in a 2001 Bravada transfer case?

After lots of reading to find out what my Transfer-case problems were for my 02 Bravada. I read lots of posts on Bravada Transfer-cases problems which could be solved or prevented by using the correct BLUE fluid (TrackII ?) So to save having any problems with my new Transfer-case I bought the Blue F (MORE)

Where is the orifice tube for a hummer h2?

inbetween the high and low side fittings, Evacuate the system then remove the nut and spread the lines. the small side of the orifice goes toward the evaporator(or firewall)

Who made the hummer h2?

The Hummer H2 was produced by General Motors starting in 2003. Theywere manufactured until 2009 in a special factory in Indiana.

What type of tranny fluid does the transfer case take?

All you need to follow is the API GL-5 rating. Otherwise, the product you use will most likely be marketed as a Manual Transmission Fluid. Mobil 1 is always a good synthetic choice or if you want top performance, I recommend Royal Purple - their Synchromax is a great product and their technical st (MORE)

Where is transfer case in 04 Mercury Sable?

A transfer case is used on an all wheel drive vehicle , or a 4X4 vehicle , and is bolted to the rear of the transmission If you mean the transaxle ( transmission ) on a 2004 Mercury Sable it is bolted to the engine inside the engine compartment ( on the drivers side )

Can you put hummer h2 engine on hummer h3 body?

I believe it will not work what so ever, an h2 is a 6.0 v8 and a h3 is a in line 5 cylinder, the computer will not work on it, the fuel system is going to be different, and the motor will not go on the bell housing it has

How do you change AC blower on hummer H2?

It's under the passenger side dash. Just need 8mn and Philips screw driver. Remove plastic and towards the right next to the firewall there is the blower, unscrew and unplug blower. Replace with new one

What is better a Ferrari or a hummer h2?

It depends what you're using it for! If you want to take 7 or 8 friends out to dinner, then the Hummer is better. But if you want to drive around a race track or just look cool, the Ferrari is better

Where can you find an H2 Hummer?

One can find an H2 Hummer by checking in the magazine Hummers Today. They have a list of the best places to purchase a Hummer and which are the best to buy.

Is a bull stronger than a hummer h2?

A bull is probably not stronger than a Hummer H2, but it would betough to measure the strength of each. A bull could probably pullabout 4 to 5 times his own body weight, while a Hummer H2 wouldprobably pull more than that ratio depending on how the load wasconfigured.