04 polaris trail boss 330 that bogs down when it reaches high rpms recently went through the carb but it didnt fix can you help me?

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try adjusting the air intake when throttled up... provided carb is clean
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Why does my battery not stay charged when no lights are on and why does my battery light stay on until the car reaches high RPMs - both the battery and alt were checked as good through AutoZone?

We had the same problem on a 4-runner that we own, the battery was draining as soon as the truck was turned on, but the alternator, and regulator were both good, and we changed the battery so it was new and it was still doing it. It ended up being a grounded wire to the back power window that stoppe (MORE)

How do you fix your Yamaha raptor 660 carb it keeps bogging down and you have throughly cleaned it 3 times could some internal parts be worn out and if so what could they be?

It sounds like your carbs are set wrong. You need to adjust your air fuel mixture screw on the bottom of the carbs by the bowl. You won't need to take the bowl off to get to the adjustment screw. Turn the screw all the way in til lightly seated then then count the turns out. Set both carbs at 2 turn (MORE)

Engine bogs down at high RPM Honda civic?

there is a secondary fuel injector on the throtle body, if you look just under the box with dpfi on the top you will see them. one is brown and one is green if memory serves me (its been about 3 years) the lower fuel injector should be to blame here. the problem is that the dual point is just what i (MORE)

2004 Polaris trail boss 330 and when i stomp on the throttle it stalls or backfires i tried adjusting the idle but it still does the same thing can you help me find out what to do so it will go right?

im not sure. I have the same problem.I have a 04 trailboss 330, does the same dam thing, some times i can adjust the chock to help but there is no reason you should have to ride in 80 degree weather with your chock out. If you figure it out please let me know. hey i figured out what the problem was (MORE)

How do you get starter off 1990 Trail Boss 250 Polaris?

I have worked on a 98 trail boss. You have to take off the fly wheel cover/recoil first. After that there are two or three bolts that will come out of the starter. there is a ground strap that is attached to the starter that needs to come off also.

88 bronco xlt 5.0 ive replaced egr altand its still bogging out and dying when you slow down to 5 mhand in park its rpm is going up and down the tester says thermacter can anyone help?

How about a vacuum leak? Or the IPS... Idle Position Sensor..? Also... I would check the PSI in your gas line... when there is a call for gas .. the pressure will go up and in turn feeding your engine the right amount of fuel to run right. Fuel filter.. same principal.. calling for more fuel is maki (MORE)

Where is oil drain plug on 1988 polaris trail boss?

Its right in front of the starter its a 10mm bolt with a phillips if it has coolant coiming out there replace ur water pump shaft seal. should be 10w30 and fill is in the front hard to get to coming up at an angle half way down the motor fill til it runs out u will need a bendable funnel.

1997 Yamaha blaster it bogs when you try to start out with but when it get going if you keep the rpms up it run like a champ you put a rebuilt carb on it and the same thing it wont idle?

It sounds like you may have a vacuum leak. Here's how you test it... you will need to remove the air intake line to the carb, and place a CLEAN piece of cardboard over the air inlet port. If the ATV keeps running, you have an intake leak if it dies, then I would guess your pilot jet in your carb is (MORE)

Adjust a drive belt on a 1999 325 polaris trail boss?

the belt is adjusted by adding or removing shims in the secondary clutch. to tighten the belt you remove or use thinner shimms. not a hard job after you figure it out, but not easy if you've never done it. if you have never done it i suggest having someone who has help you the first time. there are (MORE)

Carburetor diagram for a polaris trail boss 250?

Hi, . If you go to www.Polarisparts.com and select Polaris, then ATV then the year, then Trailboss and you will get a detailed diagram once you select Carburetor. Hope that's what you're looking for.

Carburetor adjustment 2001 polaris trail boss 325?

You haven't really stated what you are trying to accomplish.there is a set screw on the bottom of the carb on your left as you are sitting on the quad you can adjust the idle up and down using this it changes how lean you are running.

RPMs in a cadillac go up and down at high speed?

Your car most likely has an automatic transmission. If you're noticing the rpms going up and down it is because your automatic transmission is using its torque converter. it uses the torque converter to get the transmission up to speed with the engine and then it locks but when the torque gets to be (MORE)

What is a trail boss?

From the popular usage, e.g. Westerns a senior overseer among the Cowboys- particularily on a long drive- a good role for John Wayne. Here is a different usage for the term Stock foreman! ( here livestock, not say inventory in a hardware store.)

Strikemaster mag 2000 bogs down when applying the throttle and dies also noticed gas leaking from bottom of carb is this normal?

It appears that the engine floods when you apply the throttle, thus why it bogs down, and the leakage from the bottom of the carburetor. Inspect the air filter to ensure it is not clogged or dirty. If the problem is not there, inspect the spark plug and clean or replace it if necessary. If the probl (MORE)

Why does my buick 455 bog down in gear with a 650 cfm carb it ran fine with a leaky old 750 cfm carb?

Do you mean it's flooding out while idling or is it when you are driving? Is this a Holley carb? There could be several reasons. Fuel level set too high, a leaking power valve and so forth. I need to know a little more about what you have to really be able to help. well its fine until i hit the g (MORE)

Does 2005 polaris 330 trail boss hane transmission oil?

Yes it does. It is near the front sprocket at the back of the engine. Look for a yellow dipstick. You will need to get Amsoil severe gear synthetic oil 75/90w at NAPA or your Polaris dealer will have the oil. I have yet figured out how to drain it.

How can remove clucth for polaris magnum 330?

Remove the clutch cover , you might have to remove the left floorboard to remove the cover . The rear clutch can easily be removed by removing the bolt in the middle and pulling it straight outward . The front clutch requires a puller that screws into the center of the clutch .Removal without a pull (MORE)