04 regal what anti freeze?

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dexcool extended life antifreeze
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How does anti-freeze work?

Antifreeze is a liquid added to the cooling system of an automobile to ensure that the water within it does not freeze solid.

Anti freeze is black?

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What is anti- freeze do?

It prevents whatever it's blended in from freezing when it gets cold. For cars, it also doubles a little as rust inhibitor.

How do you remove battery 04 regal ls?

You first have to remove the black metal bar over the battery which has 3 screws. After you take off the bar then you have to remove the one screw which holds the battery in

How do you get rid of anti-freeze?

Basically anti is like repellent so yeah you already got rid of if you want to get rid of it start downloading some random junk.

Where do you put anti freeze in a car?

You put it in the radiator under the hood. It is usually up front near the grill of the vehicle. It has a silver metal cap most of the time. VERY IMPORTANT before you take the