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04 trailblazer takes a long time to cool and sometimes barely cools could it be the fan clutch and how do you remove it to replace it?


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2006-12-31 02:07:24
2006-12-31 02:07:24

Sounds more like a thermostat or water pump. The fan clutch locks up when it is toast. Fan will wiggle a bit when the water pump is shot.


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The ac clutch is held on with a single nut, and can be removed with a remover tool. It the tool will not fit in the space available, then the entire compressor will have to be removed to replace the clutch.

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if you do not have no experience in fixing car, do not do it

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You can absolutely replace the fan clutch on your 2003 Trailblazer yourself. The clutch does not have to be reprogrammed but you do have to wait until the vehicle is completely cool before you begin work. Just remember to re-torque the fan bolts as specified in your manual.

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A few weekends ago I had to replace the fan clutch on my '06 Trailblazer EXT LS. In addition to getting the P0495 code from the check engine light, when I rev'd it up it sounded like a jet engine. Instructions:

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