05 Buick LaCrosse car stops running while driving?

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Probably too many things to list but the basics are: fuel, spark and compression.
Fuel pump, fuel pump relay - other fuel delivery system malfunctions.
The car probably has individual ignition coils so maybe crankshaft position sensor, spark plug wires or even the engine management computer.
Compression? not likely a problem here unless all the rings are worn out or the head gasket is blown - you would see unusual smoke from somewhere if that was the case I think.
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Why would a car stop running while driving?

Here is some advice from contributors: . Sometimes your car will just plain stop running if you have a faulty coil wire. I had this problem before where it didn't matter what time of day or the weather, it turned out to be a coil wire. . I have an automatic '94 Nissan Sentra that would stop at ( Full Answer )

Why did your car just stop while you were driving?

Answer(s) You may have hit a light pole. Or a tree. Your brakes may have locked up. Did someone steal your battery while you were stopped for a traffic signal? You may have run out of gas. You may have run out of oil. Honestly, it could be 1,000,000 different reasons.

1994 Cadillac deville stop running while driving?

Put Gas in the tank. Put Gas in the tank. I have a 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, and it died at 70 mph, and it did that three times, weeks apart, before we figured out it was the fuel pump. Thought it was electrical because the pump fuse would blow each time. So finally we changed the f ( Full Answer )

Why did my car start smoking while driving then stop?

Is it white billowy smoke- steam, blown headgasket letting coolant mix with hot oil, hot enough to vaporize the water and send it out your tailpipe. this will foul the plugs so bad that it won't run, no spark plugs means no combustion and no go. Latte like goo on the inside of the oil cap is another ( Full Answer )

You have white smoke coming out of your exhaust But you have perfect compression And only smoke's after idle and it puffs once and stops while driving And the car runs strong.?

Answer . It can be nothing more than condensation when you first start the engine. But it may be more serious. White smoke from the exhaust can be a sign that coolant is entering the combustion chamber. Normally this would indicate a blown head gasket, but on some vehicles where the coolant flow ( Full Answer )

Can your ignition coil stop your car from running while driving?

The coil boosts the 12 volts from your battery to tens of thousands of volts for your spark plugs, if it stops working, the car stops working. It however is controlled by your engine control module using input from things like the crankshaft position sensor. Find the coil pack, there will be thick w ( Full Answer )

Why would a Ford Explorer stop running while driving?

on a 94 explorer you might look at the relay that runs the fuel pump, after a while the car won't start at all. I ran into a few people with this problem. change the relay ,its located under the hood in a fuse box on a 94.

Your car sounds like a hamster running on his wheel while driving but doesnt make sound at idle or when slowing down to stop what's that noise?

Answer . First, remove the tires from the rims to see if a hamster got stuck in there when they were being put on. Then, check for any brake problems. Finally, if none of the above helped, check for damaged wheel bearings or driveshaft center bearings or differential bearings (or transfer c ( Full Answer )

While driving your car it seems to lose power also if you are at a redlight it stalls today it just stopped completely the car was still running but when pressing the gas petal there was no movementt?

\nit may be ur alternator, once the car is running the alternator keeps ac current flowing and to necessary components if the alternator dies out/stops working the components that run the car which were powered by the alternator are now run off the battery which is dc (direct current) this will only ( Full Answer )

92 Toyota camery Car stop running while driving?

i have the same problem i replaced the ignitor and that didnt fix it then i replaced the distibitor and that didnt fix it but some one told me that it could be the temp sensor and failer to the button contact in the distribitor cap or module pick up or failer of the ignition control module if any of ( Full Answer )

Why durango stop running while driving?

This can be one of 3 things. Your air filter is completely clogged and does give enough air and this cuts the engine completely off. Second your gas filter, needs to be replaced, which is in the gas tank. Third the bank one on your first spark plug needs to be looked at. The best way is to take it t ( Full Answer )

Your Honda stops running while driving?

Replace the fuel filter before proceeding. That may be your problem. It may also be a fuel pump failing, especially if the fuel filter is clogged. A clogged fuel filter will ruin an otherwise good pump. Can also be a defective fuel pump relay.

Why did my Mitsubishi galant stop running while in drive?

I would suggest that your timing belt broke - just like mine did Saturday, May 23, 09. I pulled over and a mechanic friend helped me check it out. Do not turn the engine over and over and over (too late?). These are probably "interference" engines and you may bend/break your valves or bust a piston ( Full Answer )

Why would your car stop running while it was being driven?

There are few reasons:. 1. you ran out of gas. 2. your electrical system had shorted and terminated supply, hence, incomplete combustion. 3. air supply is blocked due to dirty filter or some unforseen mechanical problem. 4. radiator or water pump burst which brings the engine to overheat. 5. ra ( Full Answer )

05 buick lacross with no heat changed the themostat?

The thermostat problem is spotted by an overheated or under heated engine. The reason you are getting no heat is the valve to the heater core is bad, or the core itself or one of the hoses is bad. I have an 05 lacrosse with the same problem. I can hear the water circulating in the core which seems t ( Full Answer )

Escort engine stopped running while driving?

Several causes: dead fuel pump, bad distributor, bad ECM, vacuum leak, broken timing belt. Check for fuel in tank (never trust the gas gauge alone), check for spark, check for broken vacuum lines. If all that checks out, open the timing belt cover (black plastic along left (passenger side) of engine ( Full Answer )

My car was running and just stopped while I was driving. The battery is new and ok. What could be wrong?

Depends upon what happens after- Does it start up again? Does it try to start and then die? (won't turn over) Does it actually start then die? What were you doing when it died..freeway driving...slowing down...turning? What kind make, model and year is it? What size motor? Automatic or Manual? What ( Full Answer )

Why did my Chrysler Sebring stop running while driving?

bad crankshaft position sensor can affect this. i had the same problem with mine, shutting down when stopping at a red light and not letting the engine rev past 3500 rpm during full throttle acceleration. car would start immediately after shutting down, if u waited for a DTC then it would not start ( Full Answer )

Why would your car stop while driving?

A faulty fuel pump could do that or a faulty timing belt (if equipped) could also do that. If it is a Ford, it could be the ignition module too.

Why would your car stop running while driving and all electricity die?

The easiest answer to this question would be that both your gas ran out and your battery died. Another possibility is a blown alternator, this is the device that turns your engines power into electricity, and charges your battery. Car cannot run without.

Mercedes - why car stop running while driving - Mercedes Benz?

Check your Idle Control valve. They often get clogged up with carbon & loose residue. Remove from Vehicle / Check that it has 0.0 Ohms (Anything above needs to be replaced) Thourally clean with Carburetor cleaner or Contact spray. Install a Mini screwdriver & move the pin inside . When it is loose a ( Full Answer )

Why would a car stop running while driving then not turn over again?

first check your battery stats,then check your charging system see if is charging 13.5v to 14.5 is a good number.2 check your fuel system see if you get the right preasure and if you have a preasure at all.3 ignition circuit for a lost signal couldbe a loose connection to ignition assembly or igniti ( Full Answer )

Does putting your car in park while driving make you stop?

Over 20km/h NO, the park gear is just a pin that slides into a slot on the heavier duty trannies it's more of a claw; but the principle still stands if the slots are moving fast enough the pin/claw can't penetrate and all you get is terrible noise. At lower speeds it can catch but cause terrible dam ( Full Answer )

What can you do to stop your car from shaking while driving?

This will depend upon the type of car you have, the type of shaking and what is causing the shaking. The solution may be anything from tightening a bolt to stop driving the car because it is dangerous.\n \n\n \n\n \n

Why would car stop running while driving and not start back up?

If you can jump it and get it running again, drive it for a few miles and then it dies again, it is the alternator. Buy a new alternator and it will fix the problem assuming you do not have bad connections "wires" in your charging system "your alternator and your battery".

Why would a car stop running while driving and turn over and over but wont start?

Most of the time i have experienced this type of situation is caused by the spark control module. Usually it will do it after the motor gets warmed Up,then the spark control gets warm and expands internally and will quit working until it cools back down. That is why it seems funny that at one moment ( Full Answer )

Why does your 94 Chevy stop running while driving?

Can be partially clogged fuel filter. Or can be a fuel pump that is weak and is failing. Replace the fuel filter first thing. If that does not solve the problem have a fuel pressure test run to determine the condition of the fuel pump.