05 Toyota solara se center console removal?

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The Solara center console simply snaps out, no screws. I've done it many times (to install things) with my '04.

It'll help if you move your shift selector to drive to remove the under dash storage fascia. open the door and grab near the bottom then pull toward the rear of the car. The piece will pop free. Reach behind to disconnect wiring or simply move the assembly over toward the passenger floor to get it out of the way.

If you want to access the shifter/center console area it's the same thing. First, remove the shift knob (it unscrews). Pull up from the front (where you just removed the center piece) and as the part lifts keep moving toward the rear. Lift the console over the shift lever and parking brake lever (it'll help if you apply the brake) and set aside.

It probably takes longer to read the instructions than to remove the parts.

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